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Environment and Natural Resources


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World Bank research on the environment is guided by an environment strategy. The research program focuses on

  • the impact of pollution on human health and the environment,
  • the economic valuation of environmental resources,
  • and environmental policy and governance.
 Research focus  Themes

Environment and human health
Impacts of pollution on human health and the environment.


Economic valuation of environmental impacts
Methods and applications for assessing the economic costs of environmental degradation and the benefits of improved environmental management.


Environmental policy
Regulatory and other approaches for protecting environmental resources and ameliorating pollution problems.

Forestry and Habitat
Environment and development
Interactions between economic development and environmental performance.

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 Policy Research  Working Papers

The following policy research working papers are drawn from the World Bank's institutional archives. To search all working papers use format: wpsxxxx.

WPS6687A systemic analysis of land markets and land institutions in West African cities : rules and practices - the case of Bamako, MaliDurand-Lasserve, Alain; Durand-Lasserve, Maylis; Selod, Harris2013/11
WPS6637Valuing global public goods : a European Delphi stated preference survey of population willingness to pay for Amazon rainforest preservationNavrud, Stale; Strand, Jon2013/10
WPS6495A resource allocation model for tiger habitat protectionDasgupta, Susmita; Hammer, Dan; Kraft, Robin; Wheeler, David2013/06
WPS6502Addressing additionality in REDD contracts when formal enforcement is absentCordero Salas, Paula; Roe, Brian; Sohngen, Brent2013/06
WPS6503Designing contracts for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradationCordero Salas, Paula2013/06
WPS6212Vyaghranomics in space and time : estimating habitat threats for Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan and Sumatran tigersDasgupta, Susmita; Hammer, Dan; Kraft, Robin; Wheeler, David2012/10
WPS6203Health costs and benefits of ddt use in malaria control and preventionBlankespoor, Brian; Dasgupta, Susmita; Lagnaoui, Abdelaziz; Roy, Subhendu2012/09
WPS5756Economic structure, development policy and environmental quality : an empirical analysis of environmental Kuznets curves with Chinese municipal dataHe, Jie; Wang, Hua2011/08
WPS5767Municipal solid waste management in small towns : an economic analysis conducted in Yunnan, ChinaWang , Hua; He, Jie; Kim, Yoonhee; Kamata, Takuya2011/08
WPS5759Stakeholder dialogue as an institutional strategy for sustainable development in China : the case of community environmental roundtablesWang, Hua2011/08
WPS5766Valuing water quality improvement in China : a case study of lake Puzhehei in Yunnan provinceWang, Hua; Shi, Yuyan; Kim, Yoonhee; Kamata, Takuya2011/08
WPS5422Economic valuation of development projects : a case study of a non-motorized transport project in IndiaWang, Hua; Fang, Ke; Shi, Yuyan2010/09
WPS5420Environmental performance rating and disclosure : an empirical investigation of China's green watch programJin, Yanhong; Wang, Hua; Wheeler, David2010/09
WPS5419The impact of environmental performance rating and disclosure: an empirical analysis of perceptions by polluting firms' managers in ChinaJin, Yanhong; Wang, Hua; Wheeler, David2010/09
WPS5421The value of statistical life : a contingent investigation in ChinaWang, Hua; He, Jie2010/09
WPS5163"Green stimulus," economic recovery, and long-term sustainable developmentStrand, Jon; Toman, Michael2010/01
WPS4893Stockpiles of obsolete pesticides and cleanup priorities : a methodology and application for TunisiaDasgupta, Susmita; Meisner, Craig; Wheeler, David2009/04
WPS4690Domestic water pricing with household surveys : a study of acceptability and willingness to pay in Chongqing, ChinaWang, Hua; Xie, Jian; Li, Honglin2008/08
WPS4422Improving indoor air quality for poor families : a controlled experiment in BangladeshDasgupta, Susmita; Huq, Mainul; Khaliquzzaman, M.; Wheeler, David2007/12
WPS3932Welfare measurement bias in household and on-site surveying of water-based recreation : an application to Lake Sevan, ArmeniaMeisner, Craig; Wang, Hua; Laplante, Benoit2006/06
WPS3776Health effects and pesticide perception as determinants of pesticide use : evidence from BangladeshDasgupta, Susmita; Meisner, Craig; Huq, Mainul2005/11
WPS3777Pesticide traders' perception of health risks : evidence from BangladeshDasgupta, Susmita; Meisner, Craig; Mamingi, Nlandu2005/11
WPS3624Pesticide poisoning of farm workers : implications of blood test results from VietnamDasgupta, Susmita; Meisner, Craig; Wheeler, David; Nhan Thi Lam; Khuc Xuyen2005/06
WPS3428Who suffers from indoor air pollution? evidence from BangladeshDasgupt, Susmita; Huq, Mainul; Khaliquzzaman, M.; Pandey, Kiran; Wheeler, David2004/10
WPS3393Indoor air quality for poor families: new evidence from BangladeshDasgupta, Susmita; Huq, Mainul; Khaliquzzaman, M.; Pandey, Kiran; Wheeler, David2004/09
WPS3417Is environmentally-friendly agriculture less profitable for farmers ? evidence on integrated pest management in BangladeshDasgupta, Susmita; Meisner, Craig; Wheeler, David2004/09
WPS3367Estimating willingness-to-pay with random valuation models : an application to Lake Sevan, ArmeniaWang,Hua; Laplante, Benoit; Xun Wu; Meisner, Craig2004/08
WPS3402Phasing out polluting motorcycles in Bangkok : policy design by using contingent valuation surveysJian Xie; Shah, Jitendra J.; Capannelli, Elisabetta; Hua Wang2003/06
WPS2889Environmental performance rating and disclosure - China's green-watch programHua Wang; Jun Bi; Wheeler, David; Jinnan Wang; Dong Cao; Genfa Lu; Yuan Wang2002/09
WPS2756Incomplete enforcement of pollution regulation : bargaining power of Chinese factoriesHua Wang; Mamingi, Nlandu; Laplante, Benoit; Dasgupta, Susmita2002/01
WPS2336Endogenous enforcement and effectiveness of China's pollution levy systemHua Wang; Wheeler, David2000/05

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