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Environment and Natural Resources [...continued]

WPS3776Health effects and pesticide perception as determinants of pesticide use : evidence from BangladeshDasgupta, Susmita; Meisner, Craig; Huq, Mainul 2005/11
WPS3777Pesticide traders' perception of health risks : evidence from BangladeshDasgupta, Susmita; Meisner, Craig; Mamingi, Nlandu 2005/11
WPS3624Pesticide poisoning of farm workers : implications of blood test results from VietnamDasgupta, Susmita; Meisner, Craig; Wheeler, David; Nhan Thi Lam; Khuc Xuyen2005/06
WPS3428Who suffers from indoor air pollution? evidence from BangladeshDasgupt, Susmita; Huq, Mainul; Khaliquzzaman, M.; Pandey, Kiran; Wheeler, David2004/10
WPS3393Indoor air quality for poor families: new evidence from BangladeshDasgupta, Susmita; Huq, Mainul; Khaliquzzaman, M.; Pandey, Kiran; Wheeler, David2004/09
WPS3417Is environmentally-friendly agriculture less profitable for farmers ? evidence on integrated pest management in BangladeshDasgupta, Susmita; Meisner, Craig; Wheeler, David2004/09
WPS3367Estimating willingness-to-pay with random valuation models : an application to Lake Sevan, ArmeniaWang,Hua; Laplante, Benoit; Xun Wu; Meisner, Craig2004/08
WPS3402Phasing out polluting motorcycles in Bangkok : policy design by using contingent valuation surveysJian Xie; Shah, Jitendra J.; Capannelli, Elisabetta; Hua Wang2003/06
WPS2889Environmental performance rating and disclosure - China's green-watch programHua Wang; Jun Bi; Wheeler, David; Jinnan Wang; Dong Cao; Genfa Lu; Yuan Wang2002/09
WPS2756Incomplete enforcement of pollution regulation : bargaining power of Chinese factoriesHua Wang; Mamingi, Nlandu; Laplante, Benoit; Dasgupta, Susmita2002/01

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