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Ethnic Cleavages

Papers discuss various aspects of the relationship between ethnic cleavages and civil war onset, duration, and successful termination.

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WPS4192Ethnic polarization and the duration of civil warsMontalvo, Jose G.; Reynal-Querol, Marta2007/04
WPS4193Horizontal inequalities, political environment, and civil conflict : evidence from 55 developing countries, 1986-2003Ostby, Gudrun2007/04
WPS4191Post-conflict justice and sustainable peaceLie, Tove Grete; Binningsbo, Helga Malmin; Gates, Scott2007/04
28126Greed and grievance in civil warCollier, Paul ; Hoeffler, Anke 2002/03
28127Implications of ethnic diversityCollier, Paul2001/12

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