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Dear ADePT users. We would like to hear about your experience with ADePT software. If you like the program, please write to us how you use it and whether it is helpful in your work. Likewise, if you hate ADePT -- share your feelings with the world through our website. Either way your feedback will help us to build a better product. Please indicate to us whether we can show your name next to the story or you would like to stay anonymous.

Adept is great, everyone in the Bank is happy to have it. There is only one not fully happy men in the world - It is Sasun from Armenia.

I have most of the tables and modules of Adept prepared myself in late 1990 s, I have some poverty scenarios simulation modules which are not included in Adept , and all these modules created in SPSS , so I could do all these analysis and was sure about having contracts each next year :).

Now everyone can do this thanks to Adept :))))

It is like invention of Digital cameras. Everyone make photos and the Photographers gust gone :)


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