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ADePT Maps 2.0 Module software is developed on the ADePT software platform and can output any economic indicator on a geographical country map by combining GIS boundary files with the user-provided datasets (LSMS-, DHS-, LFS-, or any other types of surveys). For example, using the household survey data, the user can create a map of a country with regional wages, health indicators, etc. The main difference of ADePT MAPS from specialized mapping programs (e.g. ArcGIS) is that ADePT MAPS runs in Stata, is very simple, and allows users with a very limited experience in Stata programming to generate print-quality maps. These maps could be a useful addition to the reports and publications produced by the World Bank.


Read ADePT Maps Installation Instructions before you install from Stata command file
net install amap, from(
  ADePT Maps Installation Instructions 
  ADePT MAPS User's Guide 
  Instructions on downloading maps for ADePT Maps 2.0 
Maps (public access, external links)
Maps (Internal World Bank access only) 
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