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ADePT Installation

ADePT's performance critically depends on having most recent versions of its modules on your computer. Thus, we recommend that users regularly check if any of the components need to be updated. Once ADePT is running, go to the "Help" menu and click on "Check for Updates...", then follow the instructions.

We ask new users to register with us after installing the program, but it is not mandatory. We are constantly updating and improving the program and we will notify registered users about updates, features, and new releases of ADePT.

  ADePT Installation instructions
 Internal link: World Bank-specific installation instructions

Module specific instructions and example data files

(right-click the links below and choose 'save as...' to download these resourses to your computer, project files are intended for the ADePT program available at this site.)


ADePT Module


Input file

Project file

Output file




Social Protection (SP)



Food Security
(including micronutrients analysis)

Food Security
(excluding micronutrients analysis)

Agriculture (crops)

Agriculture (livestock)



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