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ADePT Labor

ADePT Labor is an integrated set of programs that produces tables and charts for the analysis of labor markets mainly in low- and middle-income countries.
The program allows to carry out standard labor analysis and the role of jobs and employment in transmitting the benefits of growth to the poor. ADePT Labor covers: (a) Labor market performance and structure; (b) Inequalities in the labor market; (c) poverty and labor markets (d) disadvantaged groups in the labor market. Each of these sub-themes is a separate module in ADePT labor, so the analyst can choose to produce all the tables in ADePT labor or just the subset corresponding to each module. Specific definitions of the indicators have been refined based on presentations, training, and pilot studies conducted in several countries including Bangladesh, Brazil, Egypt, Ghana, Jordan, Madagascar, Morocco, and Senegal.

Documentation for ADePT Labor program consists of the following documents:


Input Data (Stata 9.2 dataset format)

 Using example dataset with ADePT Labor Module 

Project file 

Output reports 

Output file for ADePT Labor Module, pdf 
 Output file for ADePT Labor Module, xls 
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