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LSMS: Answering Survey

LSMS Datasets

Living Standards Measurement Study (LSMS) surveys have been conducted in dozens of countries around the world. The LSMS website hosts many of these surveys - for others, we provide links to the websites of the relevant national statistics offices. Find the data you need using one of the tools below: the World Bank Microdata Catalog, the LSMS Survey Finder, the Data Table, or our list of panel surveys.

World Bank Microdata Catalog

Microdata Catalog icon Use the World Bank's Microdata Catalog to search for LSMS surveys using a variety of search filters. Note: we are currently in the process of moving all LSMS surveys to the Microdata Catalog; however, at the moment some surveys have not yet been included.

Survey Finder

LSMS Survey Finder icon 1 Use the LSMS Survey Finder to search for surveys by topic, country, and year.

Data Table

LSMS Data Table icon Search the list of surveys in alphabetical order by country name.

Panel Surveys

LSMS Panel Surveys icon Look through the list of available panel data sets for LSMS surveys.

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