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Publications: Working Papers 111 - 135

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Working Papers 111 - 135

WP# Working Paper Title (with Link to Abstract) Author
135 Guidelines for Constructing Consumption Aggregates for Welfare Analysis

Directrices para Construir Agregados de Consumo para Analizar el Bienestar
Deaton, Zaidi
134 Social Assistance in Albania: Decentralization and Targeted Transfers Alderman
133 Poverty Lines in Theory and Practice Ravallion
132 The Role of the Private Sector in Education in Vietnam: Evidence from the Vietnam Living Standards Survey Glewwe, Patrinos
131 Chronic Illness and Retirement in Jamaica Handa, Neitzert
130 Model Living Standards Measurement Study Survey Questionnaire for the Countries of the Former Soviet Union Oliver
129 Poverty Comparisons and Household Survey Design Howes, Lanjouw
128 How Does Schooling of Mothers Improve Child Health - Evidence from Morocco Glewwe
127 Unconditional Demand for Health Care in Cote d'Ivoire: Does Selection of Health Status Matter Dow
126 A Manual for Planning and Implementing the Living Standards Measurement Study Survey

Manual de Diseño y Ejecución de Encuestas sobre Condiciones de Vida (LSMS)
Grosh, Munoz
125 The Contribution of Income Components to Income Inequality in South Africa: A Decomposable Gini Analysis Leibbrandt, Woolard, Woolard
124 Constructing an Indicator of Consumption for the Analysis of Poverty: Principles and Illustrations with Reference to Ecuador Hentschel and Lanjouw
123 The Demand for Medical Care: Evidence from Urban Areas in Bolivia Ii
122 Comparaisons de la Pauvreté: Concepts et Méthodes 
(document also available in English)
121 Infrastructure and Poverty in Viet Nam van de Walle
120 A Guide to Living Standards Measurement Study Surveys and their Data Sets Grosh, Glewwe
119 Women's Schooling, the Selectivity of Fertility, and Child Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa Pitt
118 Proxy Means Tests for Targeting Social Programs: Simulations and Speculation Grosh, Baker
117 Who is Most Vulnerable to Macroeconomic Shocks? Hypotheses Tests Using Panel Data from Peru Glewwe, Hall
116 Health Care in Jamaica: Quality, Outcomes, and Labor Supply Lavy, Palumbo, Stern
115 Changing Patterns of Illiteracy in Morocco: Assessment Methods Compared Lavy, Spratt, Leboucher
114 The Quality and Availability of Family Planning Services and Contraceptive Use in Tanzania Beegle
113 Sector Participation Decisions in Labor Supply Models Pradhan

The Tradeoff Between Number of Children and Child Schooling: Evidence from Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana (English)

La Relation Entre le Nombre des Enfants et la Scolarisation: Le Case de la Côte d'Ivoire et du Ghana (French)

(abstract available in French)

Montgomery, Kouame, Oliver
111 Contraceptive Use in Ghana: The Role of Service Availability, Quality, and Price Oliver

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