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World Bank/Luxembourg Income Study - Joint Workshop on Data Harmonization Issues

On June 6th, 2013, the World Bank and the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) organized a joint workshop focusing on the issues of data harmonization and analytical issues on the treatment of top and bottom incomes, use of consumption vs. income aggregates, and imputation of housing costs, inter alia.  The attention paid to these problems has recently increased due to growing concerns with inequality, the perception that top incomes are inadequately captured by surveys, and the greater availability of household surveys worldwide.

The objective of the workshop was also to promote LIS-World Bank cooperation as LIS moves toward the inclusion of middle income countries, and the World Bank becomes more interested in advanced economies.

The presentations given during the workshop are given below:

Janet Gornick and Teresa Munzi: Luxembourg Income Study

Gero Carletto: Living Standards Measurement Study

Carlos Rodriguez and Leonardo Lucchetti: Survey Standardization in Latin America and the Caribbean

Victor Sulla: Survey Standardization in Europe and Central Asia

Xiao Ye and Saurabh Shome: Survey Standardization in Africa

Shaohua Chen and  Prem Sangraula:  How data quality affects poverty and inequality measurement in POVCAL

Kathleen Beegle: International Income Distribution Database

Olivier Dupriez: Issues in Harmonizing Consumption Data

Francisco Ferreira and Nora Lustig: Reviewing Inequality Databases

Ruslan Yemtsov and Maddalena Honorati: ASPIRE, Social Protection Database

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