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Bulgaria 2007

Multi-topic Household Survey


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Sample Size:4,300
Collection Dates:April - August
Panel: No
Executing Agency: BBSS Gallup, Bulgaria 
Access Policy: Available for free download 
Other LSMS surveys for this country: 1995199720012003 












File Name

Description and Format

Household Questionnaire

This questionnaire collects information from all members of the household on demographic characteristics, migration, education, employment, health and fertility.  It also collects household level information on housing food expenditures, non-food expenditures, agriculture, remittances, benefits, household durables, and real estate benefits.  The data files should be used as the most accurate information.  There may be slight differences between the Bulgarian and the English versions.

Bulgarian PDF (926 Kb)      

English PDF (799 Kb)



Differences found in the Bulgarian and English versions of the questionnaires

Bulgarian/English PDF (418 Kb) 

Interviewer Manual

Manual used by the interviewers to administer the questionnaire.  This manual provides information on how the interviewers were instructed to administer the quetsionnaire and instructions on individual questions.

Bulgarian PDF (385 Kb)                           English PDF (348 Kb) 

Addendum to Interviewer Manual

Additional instructions provided during the course of the field work.

Bulgarian PDF (110 Kb)                           English PDF (81 Kb) 

Occupation and Industry Codes

Occupation and industry codes used in Section 7 of the questionnaire.


English PDF (49 Kb)   


Responses to Open Questions

Codes given to "other" responses.

Bulgarian/English PDF (190 Kb) 

Technical Report

Technical report by TNS BBSS on the methodology used to administer the survey.

Bulgarian PDF (247 Kb)                             English PDF 175 (Kb) 

Poverty Report

Report comparing living conditions in Bulgaria before and after EC accession.  Annex A provides information on how poverty was measured using the MTHS07.

English PDF (2.0 Mb) 

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