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Malawi IHS3 Survey Data Availability

To use the data from the Malawi 2010-11 IHS3 Survey, the Malawi National Statistical Office (NSO) asks that you fill in a Data User Agreement.  This agreement allows the NSO to know who is using their data and the types of studies being done by users.

By filling out this form, you not only comply with the agreements reached by all parties in implementing the survey, but also help us to keep you informed about any additional information related to the Malawi 2010-11 IHS3 Survey.

The form states, among other things, that downloading the data obligates you to cite the source of the data and to send copies of papers to the Malawi National Statistical Office and the LSMS Division of the World Bank. Once you have submitted the form, you will be sent to a page containing links to the data files. If your browser doesn't support forms (or fails to forward you to the data page upon completing the form), contact LSMS and you will receive instructions on how to progress to the page with the data files.

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