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Nigeria 2010-2011


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Sample Size:5,000



Urban and Rural

Collection Dates:August - October 2010, February - April 2011
Panel: Yes, with 2012/13 and 2015/16
Executing Agency: National Bureau of Statistics 
Access Policy: Available for free download 
Other LSMS surveys for this country:  2012/13, 2015/16
Comments:This survey was done as part of the LSMS-Integrated Surveys on Agriculture project.








File Name

Description and Format

Basic Information Document 

Describes the design of the GHS-Panel Survey and its coverage for potential users. It provides detailed information on the methodology used to implement the survey.

PDF (1.5Mb)


The questionnaires are essential tools for using the GHS-Panel Survey data. In addition to the questions, the questionnaires also contain codes and skip patterns. There were three questionnaires used in the GHS-Panel Survey. The Household Questionnaire, the Agriculture Questionnaire and the Community/Price Questionnaire. For more information on the contents of the questionnaires, see the Basic Information Document.

Post-Planting Household Questionnaire (PDF 421 Kb)Post-Planting Agriculture Questionnaire (PDF 359 Kb)Post-Planting Community Questionnaire (PDF 177 Kb)
Post-Harvest Household Questionnaire (PDF 564 Kb)Post-Harvest Agriculture Questionnaire (PDF 398 Kb)Post-Harvest Community Questionnaire (PDF 275 Kb)
Interviewer Manual

The Interviewer Manual provides much valuable information on the details of how the survey was implemented. It provides instructions on how to interpret the main concepts in the questionnaire and instructions for individual questions.

Post-Planting Interviewer Manual (PDF 2.8 Mb) Post-Harvest Interviewer Manual (PDF 2.7 Mb) 
Supervisor Manual

The Supervisor Manual provides information on how the work of the interviewers was monitored. It also provides instructions on how the Community Questionnaire was administered.

Post-Harvest Supervisor Manual (PDF 1.2 Mb)
Additional Codes

Additional codes not appearing in the questionnaires

Post-Planting Crop Codes (PDF 7Kb)Post-Planting Crop Unit Codes (PDF 61 Kb)
Photo Aid for Collecting Food Consumption InformationPhotos used to assist households in estimating the amount of food products consumed by the household.

Wave 1 Food Photos (PDF 1.5MB)
Final Report

The Final Report presents the results from the survey.

Nigeria GHS-Panel 2010 Final Report

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