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Iraq 2006 - 2007

Household Socio-Economic Survey


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Sample Size:18,144
Domains:Urban/rural/metropolitan; governorates
Collection Dates:October 2006 - November 2007
Panel: No
Executing Agency: Central Organization for Statistics and Information Technology
Access Policy: Available for free download 
Other LSMS surveys for this country:  2012

 The data for the Iraq 2006-07 Household Socio-Economic Survey (IHSES) have been modified from their original version.  If you downloaded the data prior to 12 August 2015, you will want to download this new version.









File Name

Description and Format


Iraq IHSES 2006-07 Data - Notes to Users of Revised Data

Household Questionnaire

This questionnaire is an essential tool for using the 2006-07 IHSES data sets. It collects information at both the household and Individual levels. In addition to the questions, it also contains codes and skip patterns.

Part 1 Socio Economc Data PDF (902 Kb) 

Part 2 Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Expenditures PDF (3.0 Mb) 

Part 3 Expenditures, Income and Other PDF (868 Kb)

Part 5 Time Use Sheet PDF (94 Kb) 

Part 4 Daily Ledger PDF (2.0 Mb)


Field Manual

This manual provides the instructions that were given to the enumerators for how to conduct the interview

PDF (194 Kb)



Sample Design

This document contains detailed information the design of the sample.


PDF (65 Kb)  


Survey Methodology

This document contains a description of the methodology used to implement the survey

PDF (235 Kb) 



Instructions on how to fill in the questionnaire

These documents contain information on how to fill in the questionnaires in addition to those instructions found in the Field Manual

PDF (112 Kb) Part I PDF (72 Kb) Part II


Description of the data

Description of the data that are being distributed with the documentation.

PDF (127 Kb)
Expenditure and Income Calculations

This document explains how the expenditure and income aggregate were calculated.

PDF (48 Kb) 


Data Quality Assessment

This document assesses the data quality according to various indicators

PDF (74 Kb)



Tabulation Report

This document provides an overview of how the survey was implemented (Volume 1), tables of results from the survey (Volume 2) and annexes with additional information that will be useful in analyses of the data (Volume 3).

Volume 1PDF (2.0 Mb)

Volume 2 PDF (3.0 Mb) 

Volume 3 PDF (3.0 Mb)

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