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Serbia 2007

Living Standards Measurement Survey



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Sample Size:5,557
Domains:Urban/other and regions (Vojvodina, Belgrade, Western Serbia, Sumadija and Pomoravlje, Eastern Serbia, South-east Serbia)
Collection Dates:May - June
Panel: No
Executing Agency: Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia
Access Policy: Available for free download
Other LSMS surveys for this country: 2002, 2003











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File Name

Description and Format

Household Questionnaire

The questionnaire is an essential tool for using the data. In addition to containing the questions, it also contains codes and skip patterns. The Albanian and Roma versions do not contain Module 9, Water and Sanitation Module. The data were collected, but the module was only produced in Serbian and English.


 PDF (1.2 Mb) Serbian PDF (876 Kb) English
 PDF (910 Kb) Albanian PDF (894 Kb) Roma
 PDF (293 Kb) Serbian Water Module PDF (195 Kb) English Water Module
Interviewer Manual

The Interviewer Manual provides information about how the survey was administered. It is important to read through this manual if there is confusion about how a variable should be interpreted.

PDF (929 Kb) Serbian                                   PDF (466 Kb) English

Enumeration District Questionnaire

The Enumeration District questionnaire collects information on infrastructure and services for each Enumeration District in the sample.

PDF (264 Kb) Serbian                                  PDF (134 Kb) English 

Enumeration District Questionnaire Instructions

Instructions for how to implement the Enumeration District questionnaire.

PDF (166 Kb) Serbian                                   PDF (85 Kb) English

Technical Report

Information about how the survey was implemented and how the sample was designed.


 PDF (324 Kb) Serbian PDF (165 Kb) English

Codebook containing file names, variable names, and definitions.

PDF (180 Kb) Serbian                                   PDF (173 KB) English

Living Standards Measurement Study, Serbia 2002 - 2007

A report containing the results of the survey as prepared by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia (RSO).

PDF (4.8 Mb) Serbian                                     PDF (3.8Mb ) English 

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