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Viet Nam 2002

Household Living Standards Survey




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Sample Size:29,532
Domains:Urban/rural; Regions (Hanoi, Other cities, Other urban areas, Northern Nountains, Red River Delta, North Central, Central Coast, Central Highlands, Southeast, Mekong Delta)
Collection Dates:January, May, August, October 2002
Panel:Yes (partial), with 2004 and 2006
Executing Agency:

General Statistical Office

Access Policy:Information on how to obtain the data
Other LSMS surveys for this country:1992-931997-982004, 2006














File Name

Description and Format

Basic Information Document

Describes the design of the survey and its coverage for potential users and provides general information about the 2002 and 2004 VHLSS. This document provides information on both the 2002 and 2004 VHLSS surveys, including differences and similarities between the two surveys.

PDF (203 Kb)

General Introduction of the VHLSS 2002

This document provides information about the VHLSS 2002.  It was prepared prior to the Basic Information Document above.

PDF (121 Kb) 

Differences between the 1998 and 2002 Surveys

This document provides information on the main differences between the 1997/98 VLSS and the 2002 VHLSS

PDF (76 Kb)

Household Questionnaire

This questionnaire is an essential tool for using the 2002 VHLSS data sets. It collects household level information as well as information about each household member. In addition to the questions, it also contains codes and skip patterns.

PDF (575 Kb)

Commune QuestionnaireThis questionnaire is also another essential tool for using the 2002 VHLSS data sets. It was used to collect community level information such as demographic information of the community, economy and infrastructure, health and education. The commune questionnaire was administered in rural communes only. 

PDF (133 Kb)

Codes of Provinces and Regions

Codes for the provinces and regions used in the VHLSS 2002. 

PDF (53 Kb)

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