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Are You Being Served?

Samia Amin, Jishnu Das, Markus Goldstein, eds.  2008.  Are You Being Served? New Tools for Measuring Service Delivery.  World Bank: Washington, DC.

Are you being served?   Improving service delivery for the poor is an important way to help the poor lift themselves out of poverty.  Are You Being Served? presents and evaluates tools and techniques to measure service delivery and increase quality in health and education.  The authors highlight field experience in deploying these methods through a series of case studies from 12 countries around the world.  Different methodological tools used to evaluate public-sector performance are presented along with country-specific experiences that highlight the challenges and lessons learned in using different techniques.  The findings show that, while measuring quality is rarely easy, the resulting data can be a powerful tool for policy change.

This book is available for purchase through the World Bank Publications.

Are You Being Served? New Tools for Measuring Service Delivery

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