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Inequality of Opportunity Experiments

The 2006 World Development Report "Equity and Development" relied extensively on the concept of unequal opportunities, both as one of the defining principles of equity, and as an appropriate inequality concept which one can focus on as an impediment to efficiency and growth.  The problems with measuring inequality of opportunity are: (1) opportunities are potentials, rather than actuals; and (2) they are potentially multidimensional, depending on education, health, income, voice, etc.  The approach is closely related to research on inter-generational mobility in developing countries.

Three main areas of investigation will be pursued:

  • Determine what variables or combinations of variables are needed to analyze intergenerational mobility.
  • Try to understand how an individual's childhood situation contributes to his or her current situation.
  • Investigate the effect of recall on the validity/reliability of the data.


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