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From time to time, DECRG will post notices about tools of various sorts that may be useful to persons setting up new LSMS-type surveys. The notice will briefly describe what each tool is and how to obtain it.

1.  The LSMS Working Paper Series includes papers on various aspects of survey design and implementation. Survey planners may be especially interested in:

2.  DECRG annually gives a six-module course, Poverty and Inequality Analysis, of which Modules 1 and 2 are "Designing and Implementing Multi-topic Household Surveys: Generating Policy Relevant Data" and "Key Issues in Sampling". This course is open only to World Bank staff, or to the staff of agencies with umbrella agreements for joint training with the World Bank (eg. the IMF, the IDB, counterpart team members from developing countries who meet language and course pre-requisites, etc.). The courses lasts two to two and a half days. They cover the major parts of the survey cycle -- deciding whether an LSMS-type survey is needed; questionnaires; sampling; field work; data entry, management and documentation; the production of an abstract and data dissemination; ways of fostering data analysis. The course is generally scheduled in January of each year. Eligible persons interested in signing up for the course should contact their training coordinator.

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