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Energy Policies and Multitopic Household Surveys:

Kyran O'Sullivan and Douglas F. Barnes.  2006.  Energy Policies and Multitopic Household Surveys: Guidelines for Questionnaire Design in Living Standards Measurement Study Surveys.  World Bank Working Paper #90, The World Bank.

Energy Guidelines for LSMS Surveys Cover   Accurate data on household energy use, combined with other data on household well-being (including consumption, income, health, and education), is essential to monitor progress in the household energy transition from traditional biomass fuels to modern fuels and electricity and to evaluate the effect of government energy policies on living conditions.  Multitopic socioeconomic household surveys, such as the World Bank's Living Standards Measurement Study (LSMS), can provide data with which to make these measurements.  Designers of LSMS and other multitopic household surveys can use these guidelines to help ensure that their surveys provide more extensive and reliable data on household energy use than they do at present.

It is anticipated that these guidelines will help LSMS designers incorporate energy modules into LSMS survey questionnaires.  Over time, as more surveys containing these modules are implemented, more experience will be gained on which questions work best in particular country settings and which are most useful for policy analysis.

Energy policies and multitopic household surveys : guidelines for questionnaire design in living standards measurement studies

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