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LSMS Related Publications -- F-G

Author(s)TitlePublisherCountriesPub. Date 
Falaris, Evangelos A Quantile Regression Analysis of Wages in Panama Review of Development Economics, 12(3): 498-514 Panama2008
Falaris, Evangelos Misclassification of the dependent variable in binary choice models: evidence from five Latin American CountriesApplied Economics, (2011) 43: 1315-1327Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru2011
Falaris, EvangelosPrivate and Public Sector Wages in BulgariaJournal of Comparative Economics 32(1): 56-72Bulgaria2004
Falaris, EvangelosThe effect of survey attrition in longitudinal surveys: evidence from Peru, Côte d'Ivoire and VietnamJournal of Development Economics, 70 (2003) 133-157Côte d'Ivoire, Peru, Vietnam2003
Fan, HayanThe Determinants of Adult Schooling in PanamaDepartment of Economics, University of DelawarePanama2012
Fan, L. and Habibov, N. Determinants of accessibility and affordability of health care utilization in Tajikistan in post-socialist periodJournal of Global Public Health, 4 (6), 561-574Tajikistan2009
Fan, L. and Habibov, N.Determinants of maternity health care utilization in Tajikistan: Learning from a national living standards surveyHealth & Place, 15 (4), 952-960Tajikistan2009
Fegan, Diane The Implied Rate of Return to Different Levels of Schooling in Nicaragua Department of Economics, University of Delaware Nicaragua2002
Fiedor, Stephanie Educational Connections within Families Department of Economics, University of Delaware Panama2000
Filmer, DeonThe Intrahousehold Distribution of Health and Cognitive Skills: Gender Differences in the allocation of Preventive Medical Care and Schooling in Developing CountriesBrown University, PhD. dissertationGhana 
Fiszbein, Ariel and Psacharopoulos, GeorgeIncome Inequality Trends in Latin America in the Eighties: A Decomposition AnalysisBrookings Institution Conference, Confronting the Challenge of Poverty and Income Distribution in Latin America, July 15-17, 1992Jamaica1992
Foley, MarkFamily Allowances in Russia: Progressivity and Equivalence Scale ImplicationsWorld Bank, EC3HRRussia 
Foley, MarkA Poverty Profile for Russia: An Econometric Analysis using Round 1 of the RLMSWorld Bank, EC3HR, June 27Russia1994
Foley, MarkDistributional Incidence of Cash Social TransfersWorld Bank, EC3HR, June 27Russia1994
Foley, MarkLabor Market Dynamics in RussiaYale University, Department of Economics, draft, New HavenRussia1996
Foley, MarkUnemployment Duration in Transition Economies: Evidence from Microdata on RussiaYale University, Department of Economics, draft, New HavenRussia1996
Fogarty, Debra AnneDeterminants of Fertility in Tanzania Ph.D. dissertation, Department of Economics, University of WashingtonTanzania1999
Francke, PedroEl Gasto Público en Educación y la Demanda Educativa: Perú 1990-1992Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima, Perú, Tesis de MagisterPeru1992
Fuwa, NobuhikoThe Poverty and Heterogeneity among Female-Headed Households Revisited: The Case of PanamaWorld DevelopmentPanama1999
Gertler, Paul and Glewwe, PaulWillingness to Pay for Education for Daughters in Contrast to Sons: Evidence from Rural PeruWorld Bank Economic Review, 6(January):171-88Peru1992
Gertler, Paul and Litvack, JennieHealthcare During Transitionin Dollar, David; Glewwe, Paul; and Litvack, Jennie (eds.), Household Welfare and Viet Nam's Transition to a Market Economy, forthcoming book, World BankViet Nam 
Gertler, Paul and Richards, ToniThe Content of Prenatal Care and Child Health Jamaica 
Gertler, Paul and Van der Gaag, JacquesWillingness to Pay for Social Services in Developing CountriesWorld Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 45

Cote d'Ivoire

Gertler, Paul J.; Strauss, John; Kohn, Laura; Vuong, My; and Vuong, NgaUser Fee Policy Simulations from a Provider Choice Model: Preliminary ResultsMinistry of Health, Jamaica, MayJamaica1993
Gertler, Paul; Feifer, Chris; and Richards, ToniSafe Motherhood in Jamaica: A Proposed WorkplanRAND CorporationJamaica1990
Gertler, Paul; Glewwe, Paul; and Ponce, NinezPoverty, Growth and Nutritionin Dollar, David; Glewwe, Paul; and Litvack, Jennie (eds.), Household Welfare and Viet Nam's Transition to a Market Economy, forthcoming book, World BankViet Nam 
Gertler, Paul; Locay, Luis; Sanderson, Warren; Dor, Avi; and Van der Gaag, JacquesHealth Care Financing and the Demand for Medical CareWorld Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 37 1988
Gertler, Paul; Rahman, Omar; Ashley, Deanna; Fox, KristinHigh Risk Pregnancies and Maternal Health Services in JamaicaRAND; Ministry of Health, JamaicaJamaica1992
Gertler, Paul; Richards, Toni; and Strauss, JohnTechnical Support for Strengthening Health Care Resource Mobilization Policy in JamaicaRAND Corporation, CAJamaica1990
Gertler, Paul; Strauss, John; Kohn, Laura; Vuong, My; Vuong, NgaUser Fee Policy Simulations from a Provider Choice Model: Preliminary Results? 1993
Gertler, Paul; Strauss, John; Rahman, Omar; Fox, KristinGender and Life-Cycle Differentials in the Patterns and Determinants of Adult HealthJournal of Human Resources, JuneJamaica1992
Gertler, Paul; Strauss, John; Rahman; Vuong, Nga; and Vuong, MyHealth Care Utilization and Provider Choice in Jamaica: An Interim ReportRANDJamaica1993
Ghana Statistical ServiceMeasuring Informal Sector Activity in GhanaGhana Statistical Service, proceedings of a GSS/ODA workshop, Accra, January 1995Ghana1996
Ghana Statistical ServiceThe Estimation of Components of Household Incomes and Expenditures from the first two rounds of the GLSS, 1987/88 and 1988/89, two volumes, MayGhana Statistical Service, MayGhana1993
Ghana Statistical Service (with Awoonor-Williams, M.; Coulombe, H.; McKay, A.; Nyarko, P.; Oduro, D.A.; and Twum-Baah, K.A.)The Pattern of Poverty in Ghana, 1987-1992Ghana Statistical ServiceGhana1995
Gibson, JohnCan Women's Education Aid Economic Development? The Effect on Child Stunting in Papua New Guinea Pacific Economic Bulletin 14(2): 71-81 Papua New Guinea 1999
Gibson, JohnThe Impact of Growth and Distribution on Poverty in Papua New Guinea Applied Economics Letters 7(8): 541-544 Papua New Guinea 2000
Gibson, JohnIndirect Tax Reform and the Poor in Papua New Guinea Pacific Economic Bulletin 13(2): 29-39 Papua New Guinea 1998
Gibson, JohnLiteracy and Intrahousehold Externalities Word Development 29(1): 155-166 Papua New Guinea 2001
Gibson, JohnMeasuring chronic poverty without a panel 

Journal of Development Economics 65(2): 243-266

Papua New Guinea 2001
Gibson, JohnWho's not in school? Economic barriers to universal primary education in Papua New Guinea 

Pacific Economic Bulletin 15(2): 46-58

Papua New Guinea 2000
Gibson, JohnWhy does the Engel method work?  Food demand, economies of size and household survey methods 

Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 64(4): 341-359

Papua New Guinea 2002
Gibson, John and Kim, BonggeunHow reliable are household expenditures as a proxy for permanent income? Implications for the income-nutrition relationship 

Economics Letters (2012)

Papua New Guinea2012
Gibson, John and Kim, BonggeunTesting the infrequent purchases model using direct measurement of hidden consumption from food stocks

American Journal of Agricultural Economics 94(1): 257-270

Papua New Guinea2012
Gibson, John and Susan OliviaAttacking poverty in Papua New Guinea - but for how long? 

Pacific Economic Bulletin 17(2): 33-41

Papua New Guinea 2002
Gibson, J. and S. RozellePoverty and access to roads in Papua New Guinea 

Economic Development and Cultural Change 52(1): 159-185

Papua New Guinea 2003
Gibson,  J. and S. RozelleIs it better to be a boy? A disaggregated outlay equivalent analysis of gender bias in Papua New Guinea 

Journal of Development Studies 40(4)

Papua New Guinea 2004
Gibson, John and Rozelle, ScottPrices and unit values in poverty measurement and tax reform analysis

World Bank Economic Review 19(1):69-97

Papua New Guinea2005
Gill, IndermitGender, Occupational Choice and Earnings in Latin American Cities: The Cases of Lima and Santiago Peru, Chile 
Gill, IndermitIs There Sex Discrimination in Peru? Evidence from the 190 Lima Living Standards SurveyWorld Bank, Female Employment and Pay in Latin America: A Regional Survey by George Psacharopoulos and Zafiris Tzannatos, eds.Peru1992
Gill, IndermitDoes the Structure of Production Affect Demand for Schooling in Peru?World Bank, PRE Working Paper No. 468Peru1990
Gill, IndermitDoes the Structure of Production Affect Demand for Schooling in Peru?World Bank Discussion Paper 116, Women's Work, Education, and Family Welfare in Peru, Barbara K. Herz and Shahidur R. Khandker, eds, chapter 7Peru1991
Gill, Indermit and Iglesias Feliciano H.Labor Markets in Peru 1985-1990: A Report on the Nature of Unemployment and Returns to Human Capital in Formal and Informal Sector EmploymentWorld Bank, Technical Report, LA1COPeru1991
Gill, Indermit and Khandker, ShahidurHow the Structure of Production Determines the Demand for Human Capital: Theory and Empirical EvidenceEconomic Development and Cultural Change?  
Gingrich, Chris D.Health Uncertainty and Food Consumption in Low-Income Households in Lima, PeruIowa State University, Economics Department, Doctoral DissertationPeru1995
Glewwe, PaulThe Distribution of Welfare in Côte d'Ivoire in 1985(English and French)World Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 29Côte d'Ivoire1987
Glewwe, PaulThe Distribution of Welfare in Peru in 1985-86World Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 42, English and SpanishPeru1987
Glewwe, PaulThe Economics of School Quality Investments in Developing Countries: An Empirical Study of GhanaMacMillan PressGhana 
Glewwe, PaulEfficient Allocation of Transfers to the Poor: The Problem of Unobserved Household IncomeWorld Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 70; also version by Glewwe and KananCôte d'Ivoire1990
Glewwe, PaulHow Does Schooling of Mothers Improve Child Health - Evidence from MoroccoWorld Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 128Morocco1997
Glewwe, PaulInvestigating the Determinants of Household Welfare in Côte d'IvoireWorld Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 71; also in Journal of Development Economics, 35(April 1991):307-37Côte d'Ivoire1990
Glewwe, PaulThe Relevance of Standard Estimates of Rates of Return to Schooling for Education Policy: A Critical AssessmentJournal of Development Economics, DecemberGhana1996
Glewwe, PaulSchooling, Skills, and the Returns to Government Investment in Education: An Exploration Using Data from GhanaWorld Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 76Ghana1991
Glewwe, PaulTargeting Assistance to the Poor: Efficient Allocation of Transfers When Household Income is Not ObservedJournal of Development Economics, 38(April):297-321Côte d'Ivoire1992
Glewwe, Paul and de Tray, DennisThe Poor during Adjustment: A Case Study of Côte d'IvoireWorld Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 47Côte d'Ivoire1988
Glewwe, Paul and de Tray, DennisThe Poor in Latin America during Adjustment: A Case Study of PeruEconomic Development and Cultural Change, October 1991 and World Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 56 (1989)Peru1991
Glewwe, Paul and Gertler, PaulThe Willingness to Pay for Education in Developing Countries: Evidence from Rural PeruJournal of Public Economics, March 1991 and World Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 54 (1989)Peru1991
Glewwe, Paul and Hall, GillettePoverty and Inequality during Unorthodox Adjustment: The Case of Peru, 1985-90
(English and Spanish)
World Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 86, English and Spanish; also in Economic Development and Cultural Change, July 1994Peru1994
Glewwe, Paul and Hall, GilletteUnorthodox Adjustment and Poverty in PeruFinance and Development, December, 1992Peru1992
Glewwe, Paul and Hall, GilletteWho is Most Vulnerable to Macroeconomic Shocks? Hypotheses Tests Using Panel Data from PeruJournal of Development Economics, forthcoming, and World Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 117Peru1995
Glewwe, Paul and Ilias, NaumanThe Determinants of School Attainment in Sub-Saharan AfricaJournal of International Development, May-JuneGhana1996
Glewwe, Paul and Jacoby, HananEstimating the Determinants of Cognitive Achievement in Low-Income Countries: The Case of GhanaWorld Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 91Ghana1992
Glewwe, Paul and Jacoby, HananDelayed Primary School Enrollment and Childhood Malnutrition in Ghana: An Economic AnalysisWorld Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 98Ghana1993
Glewwe, Paul and Jacoby, HananSchool Enrollment and Completionin Household Welfare and Viet Nam's Transition to a Market Economy, David Dollar, Paul Glewwe, and Jennie Litvack (eds.), forthcomingViet Nam 
Glewwe, Paul and Twum-Baah, Kwaku A.The Distribution of Welfare in Ghana, 1987-88World Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 75Ghana1991
Glewwe, Paul and van der Gaag, JacquesIdentifying the Poor in Developing Countries: Do Different Definitions Matter?World Development, 18(June):803-14Côte d'Ivoire1990
Glewwe, Paul; and van der Gaag, JacquesConfronting Poverty in Developing Countries: Definitions, Information, and PoliciesWorld Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 48Côte d'Ivoire1988
Glewwe, Paul; Dollar, David; and Litvack, Jennie (eds.)Household Welfare and Viet Nam's Transition to a Market Economyforthcoming bookViet Nam 
Glewwe, Paul; Grosh, Margaret E.; Jacoby, Hanan; and Lockheed, MarlaineAn Eclectic Approach to Estimating the Determinants of Achievement in Jamaican Primary EducationWorld Bank Economic Review, 9(2):231-258Jamaica1995
Goldberg, JessicaKwacha Gonna Do? Experimental Evidence about Labor Supply in Rural MalawimimeoMalawi2011
Gomez, JorgeEmerging from the "Lost Decade": Peruvian Men's Education and Wages in 1994University of Delaware, College of Busniess and Economics, Department of Economics, mimeoPeru1997
Goodwin, Barry K. and Mathew T. HoltParametric and Semiparametric Modeling of the Off-Farm Labor Supply of Agrarian Households in Transition BulgariaAmerican Journal of Agricultural Economics, 84(1), February 2002, pp184-209.Bulgaria2002
Gordon, Derek (University of the West Indies)Identifying the Poor: Developing a Poverty Line for JamaicaPlanning Institute of Jamaica, Working Paper No. 3, Jamaican Poverty Line ProjectJamaica1989
Gotfredsen, Micala and Ingemar Gustavson Migration in IndiaDevelopment Economics course, Free University, Amsterdam, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, The NetherlandsIndia (Uttar Pradesh and Bihar) 2003
Grawe, NathanIntergenerational mobility for whom?  The experience of high- and low-earning sons in international perspective in Miles Corak, ed. Generational Income Mobility in North America and Europe.  Cambridge: Cambridge University PressEcuador, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru2004
Grawe, NathanIntergenerational Mobility in the US and Abroad: Quantile and Mean Regression Measures Ph.D. Dissertation.  University of Chicago, Department of Economics, Division of Social SciencesEcuador, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru2001
Grawe, NathanQuantile Regression Measures of Mobility in the US and Abroad Unpublished.  University of Chicago, Department of EconomicsPakistan, Ecuador, Nepal, Peru2001
Grootaert, ChristiaanThe Conceptual Basis of Measures of Household Welfare and their Implied Survey RequirementsReview of Income and Wealth 1983
Grootaert, ChristiaanThe Evolution of Welfare and Poverty during Economic Recession and Structural Change--The Case of Côte d'IvoireWorld Bank, Poverty and Social Policy DivisionCôte d'Ivoire1992
Grootaert, ChristiaanStructural Change and Poverty in Africa: A Decomposition Analysis for Côte d'IvoireJournal of Development Economics, forthcomingCôte d'Ivoire 
Grootaert, ChristiaanPoverty and Basic Needs Fulfillment in Africa during Structural Change: Evidence from Côte d'IvoireWorld Development, 22(10), 1994Côte d'Ivoire1994
Grootaert, ChristiaanEducation, Poverty, and Structural Change: Lessons from Côte d'IvoireInternational Journal for Educational Development, 14(1), 1994Côte d'Ivoire1994
Grootaert, ChristiaanHow Useful are Integrated Household Survey Data for Policy-Oriented Analysis of Poverty? Lessons from the Cote d'Ivoire Living Standards SurveyWorld Bank, Policy Research Working Paper No. 1079Côte d'Ivoire1993
Grootaert, ChristiaanThe Position of Migrants in the Urban Informal Labor Markets in Côte d'IvoireJournal of African Economies, 1(3), 1992Côte d'Ivoire1992
Grootaert, ChristiaanReturns to Formal and Informal Vocational Education in Côte d'Ivoire: The Role of the Structure of the Labor MarketEconomics of Education Review, 9(4), 1990Côte d'Ivoire1990
Grootaert, ChristiaanCote d'Ivoire's Vocational and Technical EducationWorld Bank, Policy, Planning and Research Working Paper No. 19, 1988; and University of Warwick, Development Economics Research Centre, Discussion Paper No. 87, 1987Côte d'Ivoire 1988
Grootaert, Christiaan and Arriagada, Ana-MariaThe Peruvian Living Standards Survey: An Annotated QuestionnaireWorld Bank, Education and Training DepartmentPeru1986
Grootaert, Christiaan and Demery, LionelThe Evolution of Welfare and Poverty Under Structural Change and Economic Recession in Côte d'IvoireWorld Bank, Policy Research Working Paper No. 1078Côte d'Ivoire1993
Grootaert, Christiaan and Dubois, Jean-LucTenancy Choice and the Demand for Rental Housing in the Cities of the Ivory CoastJournal of Urban Economics, 24, 1988Côte d'Ivoire1988
Grootaert, Christiaan, and Kanbur, RaviA New Regional Price Index for Côte d'Ivoire Using Data from the International Comparisons ProjectWorld Bank, Poverty and Social Division; and Journal of African Economies, 3:1(1994).Côte d'Ivoire and Peru1994
Grootaert, Christiaan, and Kanbur, RaviThe Lucky Few Amidst Economic Decline: Distributional Change in Côte d'Ivoire as Seen Through Panel Data SetsJournal of Development Studies, 31(4), 1995Côte d'Ivoire1995
Grootaert, Christiaan, and Kanbur, RaviPolicy-Oriented Analysis of Poverty and the Social Dimensions of Structural Adjustment, 1985-88World Bank, Social Dimensions of Adjustment Working Paper No. 1Côte d'Ivoire1990
Grootaert, Christiaan, and Komenan, AndrePay Differences between Teachers and Other Occupations: Some Empirical Evidence from Côte d'IvoireEconomics of Education Review, 9(3), 1990Côte d'Ivoire1990
Grootaert, Christiaan, and Komenan, AndreTeacher-Nonteacher Pay Differences in Côte d'IvoireWorld Bank, Policy, Planning and Research Working Paper No. 12Côte d'Ivoire1988
Grosh, Margaret E.Administering Targeted Social Programs in Latin America: From Platitudes to PracticeWorld Bank, Regional and Sectoral Studies Series  
Grosh, Margaret E.From Platitudes to Practice: Targeting Social Programs in Latin America, Vol. 1 and Vol. IIWorld Bank, Latin America and Caribbean Technical Dept. Regional Study Series Report No. 21.Latin America1992
Grosh, Margaret E.The Household Survey as a Tool for Policy Change: Lessons from the Jamaican Survey of Living ConditionsWorld Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 80Jamaica1991
Grosh, Margaret E.The Jamaica Food Stamps Programme: A Case Study in TargetingFood Policy, 17(1):23-40, Feb 1992Jamaica1992
Grosh, Margaret E.A Primer on the Uses of Household Survey Data for PolicymakingWorld Bank Research Observer  
Grosh, Margaret E.Toward Quantifying the Tradeoff: Administrative Costs and Incidence in Targeted Programsin Dominique van de Walle and Kimberly Nead (eds.), Public Spending and the Poor: Theory and Evidence, Johns Hopkins Press for the World Bank 1995
Grosh, Margaret E. (with Fox, Kristin and Jackson, Marie)An Observation on the Bias in Clinic-Based Estimates of Malnutrition RatesWorld Bank, PRE Working Paper No. 649Jamaica1991
Grosh, Margaret E. and Baker, JudyProtecting Poor Jamaicans from Currency DevaluationWorld Bank, HRO Working Paper SeriesJamaica1993
Grosh, Margaret E. and Baker, JudyProxy Means Tests for Targeting Social Programs: Simulations and SpeculationWorld Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 118Bolivia, Jamaica, Peru1995
Grosh, Margaret E. and Baker, Judy L.Proxy Means Tests: Simulations and Speculation for Social ProgramsWorld BankChile and Costa Rica1995
Grosh, Margaret E. and Glewwe, PaulLSMS Surveys: A Brief History and Proposals for the FutureWorld Bank 1992
Grosh, Margaret E. and Glewwe, PaulA Guide to Living Standards Measurement Study Surveys and Their Data SetsWorld Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 120All1995
Grosh, Margaret E. and Muñoz, JuanA Manual for Planning and Implementing the Living Standards Measurement Study SurveyWorld Bank, LSMS Working Paper No. 126All1996
Guo, Yanshu How Should the PRC Government Balance Land Management and Investment Policies to Increase China's Agricultural Productivity? Junior Paper, Department of Economics, Princeton University China2005
Gurgand, MarcLes Effets de l'Education sur la Production Agricole: Application à la Côte d'IvoireRevue d'Economie du Developpement, 1(4):37-54Côte d'Ivoire1993
Guyana Bureau of StatisticsGuyana Household Income and Expenditure SurveyWorld BankGuyana1992

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