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LSMS Working Papers 1 - 59

WP# Working Paper TitleAuthor
59Labor Market Performance as a Determinant of MigrationVijverberg
58Identifying the Poor: Is "Headship" a Useful Concept?Rosenhouse
57The Substitutability of Public and Private Health Care for the Treatment of Children in PakistanAlderman, Gertler
56The Poor in Latin America during Adjustment: A Case Study of PeruGlewwe, de Tray
55Rigidite des Salaries: Donnees microeconomiques et macroeconomiques sur l'ajustement du marche du travail dans le secteur moderne (French only)
For an English language version, see the World Bank Economic Review, Vol. 3, No. 1, January 1989.
54The Willingness to Pay for Education in Developing Countries: Evidence from Rural PeruGertler, Glewwe
53Socioeconomic Determinants of Fertility in Côte d'Ivoire (Abstract Available in French)Ainsworth

Public - Private Sector Wage Comparisons and Moonlighting in Developing Countries: Evidence from Côte d'Ivoire and Peru
(abstract available in French)

van der Gaag, Stelcner, Vijverberg
51Child anthropometry in Côte d'Ivoire: Estimates from two surveys, 1985 and 1986 (abstract available in French)Strauss, Mehra
50Food Subsidies: A Case Study of Price Reform in MoroccoLaraki
49Sample Designs for the Living Standards Surveys in Ghana and MauritaniaScott, Amenuvegbe
48Confronting Poverty in Developing Countries: Definitions, Information, and PoliciesGlewwe, van der Gaag
47The Poor during Adjustment: A Case Study of Côte d'Ivoire 
(abstract available in French)
Glewwe, de Tray
46Non-Agricultural Family Enterprises in Côte d'Ivoire 
(abstract available in French)
45Willingness to Pay for Social Services in Developing CountriesGertler, van der Gaag
44The Living Standards Survey and Price Policy Reform: A Study of Cocoa and Coffee Production in Côte d'Ivoire 
(abstract available in French)
Deaton, Benjamin
43Profits from Self-Employment: A Case Study of Cote d'Ivoire
(abstract available in French)
42The Distribution of Welfare in Peru in 1985-86Glewwe
41Public - Private Sector Wage Differentials in Peru: 1985-86Stelcner, van der Gaag, Vijverberg
40The Effects of Household and Community Characteristics on the Nutrition of Preschool Children: Evidence from Rural Côte d'Ivoire (abstract available in French)Strauss
39The Allocation of Goods within the Household: Adults, Children, and GenderDeaton
38Wage Determinants and School Attainment Among Men in PeruStelcner, Arriagada, Moock
37Health Care Financing and the Demand for Medical CareGertler, Locay, Sanderson, Dor, van der Gaag
36Labor Market Activity in Côte d'Ivoire and Peru 
(abstract available in French)
35The Demand for Medical Care in Developing Countries: Quantity Rationing in Rural Cote d'Ivoire (abstract available in French)Dor, van der Gaag
34Guidelines for Adapting the LSMS Living Standards Questionnaires to Local ConditionsAinsworth, van der Gaag
33Wage Determinants in Côte d'Ivoire (abstract available in French)van der Gaag, Vijverberg
32Informal Sector, Labor Markets, and Returns to Education in PeruSuarez, Berenguela
31Financing the Health Sector in PeruSuarez, Berenguela
30Quality, Quantity, and Spatial Variation of Price: Estimating Price Elasticities from Cross Sectional DataDeaton
29The Distribution of Welfare in Cote d'Ivoire in 1985
(abstract available in French)
28Analysis of Household ExpendituresDeaton, Case
27The Role of Employment and Earnings in Analyzing Levels of Living: A General Methodology with Applications to Malaysia and ThailandGrootaert
26The Cote d'Ivoire Living Standards Survey: Design and Implementation  (abstract available in French)Ainsworth, Muñoz
25The Demand for Urban Housing in the Ivory Coast 
(abstract available in French)
Grootaert, Dubois
24Measuring and Analyzing Levels of Living in Developing Countries: An Annotated QuestionnaireGrootaert
23Collecting Panel Data in Developing Countries: Does it Make Sense?Ashenfelter, Deaton, Solon
22Household Expenditure Surveys: Some Methodological IssuesGrootaert, Cheung
21The Collection of Price Data for the Measurement of Living StandardsWood, Knight
20Statistical Experimentation for Household Surveys: Two Case Studies of Hong KongGrootaert, Cheung, Fung, Tam
19The Conceptual Basis of Measures of Household Welfare and their Implied Survey Data RequirementsGrootaert
18Time Use Data and the Living Standards Measurement StudyAcharya
17The Labor Market and Social Accounting: A Framework of Data PresentationGrootaert
16Procedures for Collecting and Analyzing Mortality Data in LSMSSullivan, Cochrane, Kalsbeek
15Measuring Health as a Component of Living StandardsHo
14Child Schooling and the Measurement of Living StandardsBirdsall
13Nutrition and Health Status Indicators: Suggestions for Surveys of the Standard of Living in Developing CountriesMartorell
12The ECIEL Study of Household Income and Consumption in Urban Latin America: An Anaytical HistoryMusgrove
11Three Essays on a Sri Lanka Household SurveyDeaton
10Reflections on the LSMS Group MeetingSaunders, Grootaert
9Income and Expenditure Surveys in Developing Countries: Sample Design and ExecutionWahab
8Employment Data for the Measurement of Living StandardsMehran
7Measurement of Welfare: Theory and Practical GuidelinesDeaton
6Household Survey Experience in AfricaBooker, de Andre, Chander
5Conducting Surveys in Developing Countries: Practical Problems and Experience in Brazil, Malaysia, and the Philippines/Practical Problems in Conducting Surveys on Living StandardScott, de Andre, Chander
4Towards More Effective Measurement of Levels of Living, and Review of Work of UNSO Related to Statistics of Levels of LivingScott, de Andre, Chander
3Measuring Levels of Living in Latin America: An Overview of Main ProblemsUnited Nations Statistical Office
2Poverty and Living Standards in Asia: An Overview of the Main Results and Lessons of Selected Household SurveyVisaria
1Living Standards Surveys in Developing CountriesChander, Grootaert, Pyatt

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