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LSMS Working Papers 60 - 110

WP# Working Paper TitleAuthor
110The Impact of Female Schooling on Fertility and Contraceptive Use: A Study of Fourteen Sub-Saharan Countries
(abstract available in French)
Ainsworth, Beegle, Nyamete
109Contraceptive Choice, Fertility, and Public Policy in Zimbabwe Thomas, Maluccio
108Contraceptive Use and the Quality, Price, and Availability of Family Planning in Nigeria Feyisetan, Ainsworth
107School Quality, Achievement Bias, and Dropout Behavior in Egypt Hanushek, Lavy
106The Impact of the Quality of Children's Nutrition and Survival in Ghana Lavy, Strauss, Thomas, De Vreyer
105Quality and Cost in Health Care Choice in Developing Countries Lavy, Germain
104Children's Health and Achievement in School Behrman, Lavy
103Determinants of Fertility and Child Mortality in Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana (abstract available in French)Benefo, Schultz
102How Well Does the Social Safety Net Work? The Incidence of Cash Benefits in Hungary, 1987-89van de Walle, Ravallion, Gautam
101Assessing the Quality of Anthropometric Data: Background and Illustrated Guidelines for Survey ManagersKostermans
100Income Gains for the Poor from Public Works Employment: Evidence from Two Indian VillagesDatt, Ravallion
99Measuring the Effects of Geographic Targeting on Poverty ReductionBaker, Grosh
98Delayed Primary School Enrollment and Childhood Malnutrition in Ghana: An Economic AnalysisGlewwe, Jacoby
97Household Size in Côte d'Ivoire: Sampling Bias in the CILSS (abstract available in French)Coulombe, Demery
96Welfare Implications of Female Headship in Jamaican HouseholdsLouant, Grosh, van der Gaag
95Measurement of Returns to Adult Health: Morbidity Effects on Wage Rates in Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana (abstract available in French)Schultz, Tansel
94Willingness to Pay for the Quality and Intensity of Medical Care: Low-Income Households in GhanaLavy, Quigley
93Investment in Human Capital: Schooling Supply Constraints in Rural GhanaLavy
92Economic Aspects of Child Fostering in Côte d'Ivoire 
(abstract available in French)
91Estimating the Determinants of Cognitive Achievement in Low-Income Countries: The Case of GhanaGlewwe, Jacoby
90Measuring the Impact of Fatal Adult Illness in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Annotated Household QuestionnaireAinsworth, and Others
89Public Policy and Anthropometric Outcomes in Côte d'Ivoire (abstract available in French)Thomas, Lavy, Strauss
88Poverty Comparisons: A Guide to Concepts and Methods (document also available in French and Russian)Ravallion
87Family Productivity, Labor Supply, and Welfare in a Low-Income CountryNewman, Gertler
86Poverty and Inequality during Unorthodox Adjustment: The Case of Peru, 1985-90Glewwe, Hall
85Demand Analysis and Tax Reform in PakistanDeaton, Grimard
84Measuring Income from Family Enterprises with Household SurveysVijverberg
83Growth and Redistribution Components of Changes in Poverty Measures: A Decomposition with Applications to Brazil and India in the 1980sRavallion, Datt
82Does Undernutrition Respond to Incomes and Prices? Dominance Tests for IndonesiaRavallion
81Patterns of Aging in Thailand and Côte d'Ivoire 
(abstract available in French)
Deaton, Paxon
80The Household Survey as a Tool for Policy Change: Lessons from the Jamaican Survey of Living ConditionsGrosh
79Gender Differences in Household Resource AllocationsThomas
78Dual Selection Criteria with Multiple Alternatives: Migration, Work Status, and WagesVijverberg
77Workers' Benefits from Bolivia's Emergency Social FundNewman, Jorgensen, Pradhan
76Schooling, Skills, and the Returns to Government Investment in Education: An Exploration Using Data from GhanaGlewwe
75The Distribution of Welfare in Ghana, 1987-88Glewwe, Twum-Baah
74The Action of Human Resources and Poverty on One Another: What We Have Yet to LearnBehrman
73Shadow Wages and Peasant Labor Supply: An Econometric Application to the Peruvian SierraJacoby
72The Selectivity of Fertility and the Determinants of Human Capital Investments: Parametric and Semiparametric EstimatesPitt, Rosenzweig
71Investigating the Determinants of Household Welfare in Côte d'Ivoire (abstract available in French)Glewwe
70Efficient Allocation of Transfers to the Poor: The Problem of Unobserved Household IncomeGlewwe
69Price Elasticities from Survey Data: Extensions and Indonesian ResultsDeaton
68The Composition and Distribution of Income in Côte d'Ivoire 
(abstract available in French)
67Does Education Pay in the Labor Market? The Labor Force Participation, Occupation, and Earnings of Peruvian WomenKing
66Testing for Labor Market Duality: The Private Wage Sector in Côte d'Ivoire (abstract available in French)Vijverberg, van der Gaag
65Formal and Informal Sector Wage Determination in Urban Low Income Neighborhoods in PakistanAlderman, Kozel
64Education and Earnings in Peru's Informal Nonfarm Family EnterprisesMoock, Musgrove Stencner
63Poverty and Economic Growth: With Application to Côte d'Ivoire (abstract available in French)Kakwani
62Testing for Significance of Poverty Difference: With Application to Côte d'Ivoire (abstract available in French)Kakwani
61Large Sample Distribution of Several Enequality Measures: With Application to Côte d'Ivoire (abstract available in French)Kakwani
60The Relative Effectiveness of Private and Public Schools: Evidence from Two Developing CountriesJimenez, Cox

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