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LSMS Phase III (1990 - ongoing)

 Phase III of the LSMS represents the core tasks that will continue to be provided. It has concentrated on: (a) disseminating methodological tools for implementing and analyzing household surveys; and (b) archiving, documenting, and distributing information on the survey data that have been collected through the study. This phase has seen the development of the LSMS web site where users have access to: (a) research results and methodological tools, through for example the LSMS Working Paper series; (b) documentation on the surveys including basic information documents, questionnaires, and manuals; and (c) the micro data from the surveys themselves. One of the innovative features developed in this phase is the basic information documents which provide, in one document, details about the sample design, field work procedures, the calendar of events, codes not found in the questionnaire, and additional information needed for analyses of the data, such as consumer price indices. These documents are designed to provide data users with all of the information they need to use the complicated data from the LSMS surveys correctly.

A Manual for Planning and Implementing the Living Standards Measurement Study Survey, LSMS Working Paper #126, 1996.

Available in Russian upon request.

Manual de Diseño y Ejecución de Encuestas Sobre Condiciones de Vida, LSMS Working Paper #126S, 1999.

Designing Household Survey Questionnaires for Developing Countries: Lessons from 15 Years of the Living Standards Measurement Study, Edited by Margaret Grosh and Paul Glewwe.

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