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Kyrgyz Republic 1993

Living Standards Survey


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Sample Size: 2,000
Coverage: National
Domains: Urban/rural
Collection Dates: October-December
Panel: No
Executing Agency: National Statistical Committee
Access Policy: Available for free download
Other LSMS surveys for this country: 1996 (Fall)19971998












File Name

Description and Format

Basic Information Document

This document provides information on the details of how the survey was implemented.  It includes a description of the content of the questionnaires, the sample framework, the field work, how to use the data and the constructed data provided for researchers.

PDF (188 Kb)PostScript (101 Kb)


Household Questionnaire

The questionnaires are an essential tool for using the data.  The household questionnaire collects information on household composition, housing conditions, agriculture and animal husbandry, expenditures, and income.

PDF (180 Kb)PostScript (153 Kb)


Adult Questionnaire

The adult questionnaire collects information from household members 14 years of age and older.  It collects information on migration, labor, medical services, evaluation of health, women's health issues, time use, and nutrition.

PDF (144 Kb)

PostScript (147 Kb)


Child Questionnaire

The child questionnaire collects information from household members under the age of 14.  It collects information on migration, child care, medical services, health status, time use, and nutrition. 


PDF (84 Kb)

PostScript (126 Kb)


Price Questionnaire

The price questionnaire collects information on food products and fuel in the "local area" of the household participating in the survey.  

PDF (223 Kb) 

PostScript (171 Kb)


Community Questionnaire

The community questionnaire collects information on the community services, infrastructure and economic structure.  The information includes population and area, rights of use of land for personal and commercial purposes, distance to municipal centers and the nearest big city, existing types of housing, transportation and communication infrastructure, presence of social service facilities, restaurants and other public eating places, labor markets and employment service offices, and existence of social infrastructure.  


PDF (47 Kb)

PostScript (115 Kb)

All Questionnaires zipped into one file

These are zipped files containing all of the questionnaires - household, adult, child, price and community.

PDF (581 Kb)PostScript (709 Kb)


Instructions for the Household SurveyThis document provides the instructions that were given to the interviewers for how to conduct the household level interviews.  
PDF (69 Kb)


Instructions for the Price Survey

This document provides the instructions that were given to the individuals who completed the price survey.

PDF (44 Kb)


Overall Procedures

This document describes the sample, questionnaire development and content, interview training, field work, questionnaire coding, data entry and cleaning.   


PDF (588 Kb) 

his document describes how the sample for the Kyrgyz Republic 1993 Multipurpose Poverty Survey was designed.   


PDF (446 Kb)



Classification of Occupations

This document contains the occupational codes used in the Kyrgyz Republic.  They are slightly different from the standard codes designed by the International Labour Organization.


PDF (386 Kb)


Cyrillic CodesCodes and frequencies for open-ended questions pertaining to private commercial activity in the Kyrgyz Republic.   

PDF (550 Kb)


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