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Guatemala 2000



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Sample Size: 7,940
Coverage: National
Domains: Urban/rural; regions (Guatemala City, North,
 Northeast, Southeast, Central, Southwest,
 Northwest, Peten)
Collection Dates: July - December 
Panel:  No
Executing Agency:  Instituto Nacional de Estadística
Access Policy:  Available for free download
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File Name

Description and Format

Project Document

This document provides basic information on how the survey was conducted, procedures used, the sampling methodology, and the organization of the survey team.

PDF (91 Kb) Spanish only 


Household Questionnaire

The questionnaire is an essential tool for using the data. In addition to containing the questions, it also contains codes and skip patterns.  Round I contains the first round of the questionnaire which includes the housing, social capital, adverse situations, participation in organizations, socio-demographic, health, education, migration, time use, economic activity, and fertility modules.  Round II contains the second round of the questionnaire which includes household level information on expenditures, consumption of home production, income from sources other than employment, durable goods, household enterprises, agricultural activities, and savings and credit; and individual level data on anthropometrics.


PDF (424 Kb) Spanish Round IPDF (436 Kb) English Round I
PDF (193 Kb) Spanish Round IIPDF (211 Kb) English Round II
PDF (45 Kb) Codes found in the Questionnaire (Spanish and English)


Community Questionnaire

The community questionnaire collects information on the communities in which the households selected for the survey reside.  The information collected includes characteristics of the community, infrastructure, community organizations, community services, education, community security, problems in the community, environmental concerns, poverty, construction and rehabilitation of roads, and agricultural concerns (in rural areas only).

PDF (213 Kb) SpanishPDF (327 Kb) English


Price Questionnaire

The price questionnaire collects information on common food items, personal hygiene items and household items from three stores in the communities in which households selected for the survey reside.  These prices are used to adjust the expenditures for regional differences.


PDF (197 Kb) Spanish 


Manual del Encuestador

Interviewer Manual.  This manual was used to provide the interviewers with instructions on how to implement the survey.  Key definitions are included along with specific instructions on how to administer every module of the questionnaire.  Information on special codes used are also included.


PDF (272 Kb) Introduction
PDF (863 Kb) Chapter 1-6
PDF (817 Kb) Chapters 7-12PDF (642 Kb) Chapters 13-18
PDF (62 Kb) Consistency Instructions

PDF (90 Kb) Addendum


Manual del Supervisor 

Supervisor Manual. This manual explains the duties of the supervisors.  It explains the importance of strict supervision of the field work and instruction on how to administer the survey.


PDF (158 Kb) Spanish only 


Manual de la Comunidad

Community Questionnaire Manual.  This manual explains how the community questionnaire was administered.  It contains key definitions and specific instructions for questions in the survey.

PDF (299 Kb) Spanish only 


Manual del Monitor

Monitors Manual.  The central objective of monitoring is to guarantee that the administration of the survey complies with the methodological procedures and techniques established for the ENCOVI.  It also ensures the quality and coverage of the survey. 

PDF (103 Kb) Spanish only



Manual del Instructor

Instructor Manual.  This manual was used in the training for the interviewers.  The purpose of the manual was to provide trainers with a guide that helped them in explaining all of the aspects of the ENCOVI survey.


PDF (170 Kb) Spanish only 
Manual del Digitador

Key Entry Manual.  This manual contains the instructions on how to key enter the data.  Key entry of the data was done in the field simultaneously with data collection.  


PDF (620 Kb) Spanish only



Manual de Consistencia

Consistency Manual.  This manual contains information on the consistency checks included in the data entry program.

PDF (912 Kb) Spanish only



Manual de Antropometría

Anthropometrics Manual.  This manual provides instructions on how to collect anthropometric information (height and weight) from all household members.

PDF (119 Kb) Spanish only



CodebooksHousehold and Community File Codebooks.  These provide detailed information on the contents of the files from the household survey and the community survey, and the values of the variables in each file.

PDF (895 Kb) Household Spanish only

PDF (295 Kb) Community English only

Consumption Aggregate

Explanation of how the consumption aggregate was calculated.

PDF (43 Kb)
Income Aggregate

Explanation of how the income aggregate was calculated

PDF (30 Kb)

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