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Bulgaria 1997

Integrated Household Survey


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Sample Size:2,317
Coverage: National
Domains: Urban/rural; regions (Sofia City, Bourgas, Varna, Lovech, Montana, Plovdiv, Russe, Sofia Region, Haskovo) 
Collection Dates: March - August 
Panel:  Yes, with 1995 
Executing Agency:  Gallup International
Access Policy:  Available for free download
Other LSMS surveys for this country:  1995200120032007 













File Name

Description and Format

Household Questionnaire

This questionnaire collects information from all members of the household on demographic characteristics, migration, education, employment, health and fertility.  It also collects household level information on housing food expenditures, non-food expenditures, agriculture, remittances, benefits, household durables, and real estate benefits.  There are slight discrepancies between the questionnaire and the data files.   The data files should be used as the most accurate information.

PDF (351 Kb)



Data Entry Manual

The data entry manual provides the instructions used to key enter the data.


PDF (25 Kb)



Data Descriptions

This document provides information on the contents of each data file, the labels used for the variables, and basic statistics for the variables.


PDF (180 Kb)   



The STATA programs used to calculate the household composition, and expenditure and income aggregates have been provided for users who wish to use the variables calculated by the World Bank.  These are the same programs as were used in 1995.  The programs are contained in zip files.


Household Composition




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