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Bulgaria 1995

Integrated Household Survey


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Sample Size:2,500
Domains:Urban/rural; regions (Sofia City, Bourgas, Varna, Lovech, Montana, Plovdiv, Russe, Sofia Region, Haskovo) 
Collection Dates:May - July 
Panel: Yes, with 1997 
Executing Agency: Gallup International
Access Policy: Available for free download
Other LSMS surveys for this country: 1997200120032007 













File Name

Description and Format

Household Questionnaire

The most important document for use of the data is the questionnaire. The questionnaire contains, with limited exception, all response codes. The questionnaire also contains all the skip codes, which are essential for properly interpreting blank values. As the questionnaire is heavily formatted, it is available below in four formats.

PDF (357 Kb)  
(8.5" x 11")
Compressed, Postscript (215 KB)
(8.5" x 11")
PDF (358 Kb) 

Compressed, Postscript (175 KB)


Interviewer's Manual

The Interviewer's Manual contains instructions and rules for the interviewers. This includes instructions on how to define household members, and rules for which individuals should answer the different questions. It is available below in PDF, PostScript, and ASCII.

(26 Kb)
ASCII text
(23 Kb) 

Compressed postscript
(23 Kb)


Codebook of Variable Labels and Label Values

The Codebook of Variable Labels and Label Values contains four items of information for each variable in the core data files.

  • Variable Name--Every variable has a name which can be up to eight characters in length.
  • Variable Label--Variable labels are up to 30 characters in length. They are more descriptive, but do not exist for all variables.
  • Label Name--Some variables are assigned labels to help interpret response codes. For instance, the variable named gender is assigned a label which matches the numeric responses to male or female.
  • Label Codes or Values--These are the code values for the label names.


Compressed, ASCII (19 Kb) 



Summary Statistics

The file of Summary Statistics contains summary data on each of the variables in the core data files. If a variable takes on nine or fewer unique values, then a tabulation of the values is presented. If more than nine, then information on the distribution of values is presented (e.g. minimum, median, maximum, etc.).


Compressed, ASCII (35 Kb)




A general Overview of the survey is also available in ASCII format. This document contains information on the organization and managament of the survey, as well as some information on the sample and questionnaire design.


ASCII (15 Kb)



Miscellaneous Files

Also available are some Miscellaneous files, which have been compressed into one file called Included in this one file are the following files: 

  • Coremap.txt--An ASCII file which maps the core data files to sections in the questionnaire. (This information is also available in the data section of this site. See core data files.)
  • Suplmap.txt--An ASCII file which briefly describes the supplemental data files. (This document is also available in the data section of this site. See supplemental data files.)
  • Consmap.txt--An ASCII file which maps constructed data files to the programs which created them. This file also explains the contents of This file is only needed if the constructed data files are downloaded. See the comment on this in the data section.
  • compressed file containing the numerous Stata program files used to create the constructed data. Also included in this file is exp_inc.txt, a brief note providing an overview of how income and expenditure were calculated. This file is only needed if the constructed data files are downloaded. See the comment on this in the data section.


Compressed, ASCII (56 Kb)



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