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Tanzania - Kagera 2004

Health and Development Survey

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Sample Size:900
Coverage:Kagera Region

Agronomic zone (Tree Crop, Riverine, Annual Crop, Urban)

Collection Dates:January - August
Panel:Yes, with 1991-94 Kagera Region and 2010 Kagera Region
Executing Agency:Economic Development Initiatives
Access Policy: Available for free download
Other LSMS surveys for this country:1991-94 Kagera Region 2010 Kagera region, 1993 National , 2008 National, 2010 National, 2012 National
Comments:The Economic Development Initiatives  web site provides additional information and data.










File Name

Description and Format

Basic Information Document

Describes the design of the survey and its coverage for potential users.  It provides information on differences between the survey as implemented in 1991-1994 and the current survey.

PDF (215 Kb)

Household Questionnaire

This questionnaire is an essential tool for using the KHDS 2004  data. In addition to the questions, it also contains codes and skip patterns.


Household Roster Swahili (8 Kb)Household Roster English (8 Kb)
Network Roster Swahili (7 Kb) Network Roster English (7 Kb)
Sections 0-5 Swahili (67 Kb)    Sections 0-5 English (69 Kb)   
Sections 6-7 Swahili (84 Kb)Sections 6-7 English (84 Kb)
Sections 8-13 Swahili (89 Kb) Sections 8-13 English (88 Kb)
Sections 14-16 Swahili (150 Kb) Sections 14-16 English (151 Kb)
Sections 17-18 Swahili (37 Kb) Sections 17-18 English (36 Kb)
Anthropometry Swahili (15 Kb) Anthropometry English (14 Kb)
Mortality Swahili (17 Kb) Mortality English (17 Kb)
Community Questionnaire

The Community Questionnaire collects information from local leaders on demographics, economics and infrastructure, education, health, agriculture, culture and shocks.

PDF (92 Kb)

Price Questionnaire

The Price Questionnaire collects information on food prices, pharmaceutical prices and non-foods prices.

PDF (32 Kb)

School Questionnaire

The School Questionnaire collects information on primary schools in the enumeration area.

PDF (34 Kb)

Interviewer Manual

The Interviewer Manual provides much valuable information on the details of how the survey was implemented.  It provides instructions on how to interpret the main concepts in the questionnaire and instructions for individual questions.

PDF (429 Kb)

Cumulative Addendum to the Field Manual

This manual includes additional instructions given to the interviewers during the course of the field work.

PDF (40 Kb)

Supervisor Manual

This manual provides information on the duties and responsibilities of the Supervisors

PDF (119Kb)

Community, Price and Primary School Questionnaires Manual

This manual provides information on how to administer the Community, Price and Primary Schools questionnaires.

PDF (44Kb)

Quality Control Forms

Copies of the forms used in the field for quality control - tracking forms and supervision forms.


Listing of Papers Using the 1991-1994 and/or 2004 Data

Listing of papers written using the KHDS 1991-1994 and/or 2004 data.

PDF (101Kb)

Consumption AggregateThe constructed consumption aggregate and other materials pertaining to the survey can be downloaded from the Economic Development Initiatives web site.

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