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South Africa 1993

Integrated Household Survey




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Sample Size:9,000
Collection Dates:August - December
Executing Agency:Southern Africa Labour Development Research Unit
Access Policy:Available for free download
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File Name

Description and Format

Household Questionnaire


PDF (189 Kb)
Compressed Postscript (158Kb) 
PDF (187 Kb)
Compressed Postscript (155Kb)A4
Community Questionnaire


PDF (44Kb)
Compressed Postscript (33Kb)  
Overview of the Survey

Contains brief descriptions of the origins, questionnaires, sample design, field work, data management, and weighting of the survey. This document also contains some important definitions and codes used in the Survey, such as the definition of a household member and the special codes for missing answers.

PDF (21 Kb)

Codebook of Variable LabelsContains four items of information for each variable in the data files.
  • Variable Name--Every variable has a name which can be up to eight characters in length.
  • Variable Label--Variable labels are up to 30 characters in length. They are more descriptive, but do not exist for all variables.
  • Label Name--Some variables are assigned labels to help interpret response codes. For instance, the variable named gender is assigned a label which matches the numeric responses to male or female.
  • Label Codes or Values--These are the code values for the label names.

Compressed ASCII file (15 Kb)

Summary Statistics

Contains summary data on each of the variables in the data files. If a variable takes on nine or fewer unique values, then a tabulation of the values is presented. If more than nine, then information on the distribution of values is presented (e.g. minimum, median, maximum, etc.).

PDF (224 Kb) 

Additional Documentation
PDF (6Kb)
A file which matches the data file names to sections in the questionnaires or to a brief description of its contents. (This information is also listed in the section on Details of the Group files from the data page.)
PDF (7Kb) 
A file which describes the contents of, and matches program file names to constructed data files.
ASCII file (63Kb) 
This compressed file archives 42 program files (written for the Stata software) which were used to create the constructed data files. Our assumption is that most users will prefer to construct their own estimates of household income and expenditure from the raw data and not rely on the constructed data available at this site. These users will not want to download this file, the readme.txt file, nor the Group D data files. For those users who do choose to use the constructed data (Group D) available at this site, these program files (along with the readme.pgm file) will allow the user to determine what assumptions were made in the construction of the data files.

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