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Peru 1990 (Lima only)

Living Standards Survey




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Sample Size:1,525
Collection Dates:June - July
Panel:Yes with 1985, 1991 and 1994
Executing Agency:Cuánto S.A.
Access Policy:Available for free download
Other LSMS surveys for this country:198519911994














File Name

Description and Format

Cuestionario de la Encuesta de Hogares (pe90hhq)

The questionnaire is an essential tool for using the data. In addition to containing the questions, it also contains codes and skip patterns. 


PDF (103 Kb)ASCII (38 Kb)
Postscript (61 Kb)
Información Básica (pe90)

Describes the design of the survey and its coverage for potential users and provides general information about the general characteristics of the survey.


PDF (65 Kb)
Postscript (72 Kb) 

This summary document contains information on the geographical distribution of the survey, expansion factors, reference periods used in the questionnaire, and definitions of concepts and terms.


PDF (519 Kb)Postscript (209 Kb)

Data on price variation over time and regions. 


PDF (91 Kb)Postscript (13 Kb)
ASCII (3 Kb)
Occupation Codes

Occupation codes for use in the economic activity section of the survey.

PDF (2.0 MB)

Sample Framework

Description of the Sample Framework.

PDF (326 Kb)

Field Work Operations

Methodology and practices used in the field work.

PDF (987 Kb)

Key Entry Report

Report on how the key entry was done.

PDF (539 Kb)

Training Course Plan

Plan for the training course for interviewers and supervisors.

PDF (431 Kb)

Means Tables

Means on all variables in the data sets.

PDF (753 Kb) English only

Adjustment and Family Economics

The effect of adjustment on household living conditions.


PDF (2.0 MB)
Part I
PDF (1.9 MB)
Part II 
PDF (1.9 MB)
Part III

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