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Peru 1985

Living Standards Survey




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Sample Size:5,120
Domains:Urban/rural;Regions (Coast, Mountain, Forest, Lima)
Collection Dates:July 1985 - July 1986
Panel:Yes, with 1990, 1991 and 1994
Executing Agency:Statistical Institute of Peru
Access Policy:Available for free download
Other LSMS surveys for this country:199019911994















File Name

Description and Format

Household Questionnaire

The questionnaire is an essential tool for using the data. In addition to containing the questions, it also contains codes and skip patterns.


PDF (3.9 MB)
Rounds 1 & 2 English
PDF (2.3 MB)
Round 1 Spanish
 PDF (1.5 MB)
Round 2 Spanish
Community Questionnaire (per03, per04)

This questionnaire collects information at the community level to be used in conjunction with the household information.  It includes information on demographics, economy and infrastructure, education, health, and agriculture.


PDF (661 Kb)
PDF (668 Kb)
Basic Information (pe85_e, pe85_s)

Describes the design of the survey and its coverage for potential users and provides general information about the general characteristics of the survey.


PDF (82 Kb)
Postscript (120 Kb)
Zipped English
PDF (133 Kb)
Postscript (136 Kb)
Zipped Spanish
Sample Design

Discusses the rationale for the survey, its coverage in terms of people and geography, and the sample design.

PDF (1.0 MB)
Spanish only

Interviewer's Manual (per08)

This document starts with a description of the scope and the objectives of the survey but concentrates on the execution of the study itself: the responsibilities of the survey team members, the time frame of the assigned tasks, interviewing techniques, basic concepts and definitions, objectives of each section and who to interview for each section, how to obtain the required information and fill out the questionnaire.


PDF (2.5 MB)
Part 1 Spanish only
PDF (2.7 MB)
Part 2 Spanish only
Manual del Jefe Regional

This document details the responsibilities of the regional leader who is in charge of all the interview teams in the region.

PDF (625 Kb)

Manual del Jefe de Brigada

The Brigade Leader (or interview team supervisor) provides information on the tasks to be performed including: verification of the households selected, monitoring of interviews, review of completed questionnaires, re-interviews of the households, preparation of questionnaires for key-entry, and   review of the results of the error detection programs from the key-entry of the data.

PDF (1.9 MB)

Manual de Instrucciones para el Operador del Microcomputador

This manual provides instructions for the data entry personnel to key enter the data and to run the programs to detect errors in the key entry.

PDF (612 Kb)

Principales Variables y Definiciones

This document provides the definitions of the variables used in the survey, for example, household, dwelling, head of household, household member, etc.  It also provides definitions of many of the responses that were used in the survey.

PDF (846 Kb)


This document lists all variable names by type (numerical, character, etc.), position, length and possible values. The variable names match those on the questionnaire and they are grouped into records which match the sections of the questionnaire and to some degree correspond to the data files.


PDF (1.6 MB)
Part 1
PDF (1.6 MB)
Part 2
Codigo de Ocupaciones

This document provides the occupation codes used in the economic activity portion of the survey.

PDF (2.0 MB) 

Primeros Resultados

This document provides initial results from the survey and a description of the survey methodology.

PDF (1.5 MB)

Means Tables

This documents provides means for all variables in the survey.

PDF (2.1 MB) English only 

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