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Papua New Guinea 1996

Household Survey




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Sample Size:1,396
Domains:National Capital District; Papuan/South Coast; Highlands; Momase/North Coast; New Guinea Islands
Collection Dates:January - December
Executing Agency:Unisearch PNG, Institute of National Affairs
Access Policy:Available for free download
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File Name

Description and Format

Household Questionnaire

Household Questionnaire: The questionnaire is an essential tool for using the data.  The questionnaire is stored in 2 parts.  The first part is the household questionnaire which contains information on the households and individuals in the households.  The information includes age, gender, education, income sources, health, food consumption, housing conditions, anthropometrics, agricultural assets, and household food stocks.  The second part is the consumption recall questionnaire which includes information on food and non-food purchases, own production of food, gifts received, annual expenses and gifts, inventory of durable goods, remittances received, transfers of money outside of the household, and questions on the quality of life.


PDF (406 Kb)
Household Questionnaire
PDF (615 Kb)
Consumption Recall
Community Questionnaire

This questionnaire contains information collected at the community level on community assets; changes in economic activity, infrastructure, and services; education; health; distance to the nearest local government; transport and communications; and prices.

PDF (18 Kb)
Community Questionnaire

Basic Information Document

This document provides information on how the survey was designed and an explanation of the constructed variables.

PDF (27 Kb)
Basic Information Document

Data Dictionary for Household Questionnaire

This document provides the file layout for the data from the household questionnaire.

PDF (18 Kb)
Data Dictionary

Data Dictionary for Community Questionnaire

This document provides the file layout for the data from the community questionnaire.

PDF (34 Kb)
Data Dictionary

Data Dictionary for Adult Anthropometrics

This document provides the file layout for the data from the adult anthropometric questionnaire.

PDF (17 Kb)
Data Dictionary

Interviewer Manual

This document provides information to the user on how the survey was carried out.  It includes general information on the survey, the workplan for interviewers, and instructions on how to fill in the various parts of the questionnaires.

PDF (56 Kb)
Interviewer Manual

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