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Nepal 2003-04

Living Standards Survey




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Sample Size:Cross Section: 4,008; Panel: 1,232
Domains:Urban/rural; ecological zones (Mountains, Kathmandu Valley (urban), Hills (urban), Hills (rural), Tarai (urban), Tarai (rural)).
Collection Dates:April 2003 - April 2004
Panel: Yes, partial with 1996 and 2010-11
Executing Agency: Central Bureau of Statistics
Access Policy: Information on how to obtain the data
Other LSMS surveys for this country: 19962010-11 










File Name

Description and Format

Survey Design and Implementation 

This document provides a description of how the survey was designed and implemented.  It also contains codes for variables not found in the questionnaires, an explanation of how the aggregate variables were created, and information on the Nepalese calendar.

PDF (160 Kb)  

Household Questionnaire

The questionnaire is an essential tool for using the data. In addition to containing the questions, it also contains codes and skip patterns.   

PDF (535 Kb)

Community Questionnaires

The community questionnaires collect information on the communities in which the households selected for the survey reside.  There are separate questionnaires for the communities depending on their location in urban or rural areas.  The information collected in both urban and rural areas includes population characteristics and infrastructure, access to facilities, and markets and prices.  In rural areas only, information was collected on agriculture and forestry, migration, development programs, user groups, and quality of life, primary schools, and health facilities.  


PDF (43 Kb)
PDF (131 Kb)

A map of Nepal showing the locations of the sampled areas. 

PDF (535 Kb)

Main Findings 

This document provides information on the main findings from the survey data.


PDF (679 Kb)
Volume 1 
PDF (576 Kb)
Volume 2
Poverty Trends in Nepal

This document shows the changes in poverty over time since the first Nepal Living Standards Survey done in 1995-96.  It also contains a detailed description of the methodology used to derive the poverty lines.

PDF (476 Kb)

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