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Albania 2005

Living Standards Measurement Survey


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Sample Size:3,638
Domains:Tirana, other urban, rural; Agro-ecological areas (coastal, central, mountain)
Collection Dates:May-July
Panel: No 
Executing Agency: Institute of Statistics (INSTAT)
Access Policy: Available for free download
Other LSMS surveys for this country: 199620022003, 20042008 , 2012 













File Name

Description and Format

Basic Information

Describes the design of the survey and its coverage for potential users and provides general information about the general characteristics of the survey.


PDF (300 Kb) English only



Household Questionnaire

This questionnaire is an essential tool for using the household and individual level data. It contains all of the questions included in the data and the codes for the responses and skip patterns where applicable.


PDF (468 Kb) AlbanianPDF (576 Kb) English


Agriculture Module

This questionnaire was used to collect information on household plots, annual crops, tree crops, livestock, agricultural byproducts, agricultural machinery and equipment, extension services, agricultural expenditures, capital investments and the rural pension system.


PDF (144 Kb) Albanian

PDF (131 Kb) English 


Food Diary Questionnaire

This questionnaire was used for the recording of daily household consumption.


PDF (40 Kb) Albanian 

PDF (189 Kb) English 


Price Questionnaire

This questionnaire includes price information for 96 items, including both food and non-food items.


PDF (45 Kb) Albanian

PDF (32 Kb) English 


Community Questionnaire

This questionnaire contains the information collected at the community level that can be used in conjunction with the household level data. It contains codes and skip patterns.


PDF (106 Kb) Albanian

PDF (116 Kb) English 


Interviewer Instructions

This document contains the instructions given to the interviewers for how to conduct the survey. This document is only available in Albanian.


PDF (350 Kb) Albanian only



Community Questionnaire Supervisor Instructions

This document contains the instructions given to the supervisors for how to conduct the community survey. This document is only available in Albanian.


PDF (80 Kb) Albanian only



Construction of the Consumption Aggregate and Estimation of the Poverty Line

This document explains the methodology used to compute the consumption aggregate and estimating the poverty lines. It also reports the results of sensitivity analyses on some crucial hypotheses.


PDF (165 Kb) English only



Trends Poverty and Inequality 2002-2005

A brief report on the changes over time in growth and poverty in Albania.


PDF (339 Kb) English only



Variable Label Lists

Organized by Questionnaire, Module and Variables.


Zipped (48 Kb) 



Program Files

The STATA files used to calculate the consumption aggregate.


Zipped (237 Kb) 



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