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Research at the World Bank
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Counting the Costs of Tariff Evasion in Tunisia

June 2015: After President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fell from power in Tunisia during the Arab Spring in 2011, the authorities found a rare archive of financial mischief.


A Measured Approach to Ending Poverty and Boosting Shared Prosperity

October 2014: This report argues that data and measurement are pivotal to the assessment of the Bank Group’s twin goals of ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity.

Breaking the Cycle of Poor Service Delivery in the Middle East and North Africa

April 2014: Lasting reform and heightened development effectiveness is not just about designing better policies. It's also about learning how to build widespread organizational capability to implement them.

August Research Highlights

Measuring quality of income growth | Improving World Bank support for public sector governance reform | Making people work together better | Tapping the potential for cross-border electricity cooperation in South Asia | Narrowing the gender gap in agricultural productivity in Malawi | No systematic barriers to ICT technology adoption in low-income countries | The trade engine in Zimbabwe is firing on only one of four cylinders

Research at Work 2015

Research plays a crucial role in learning from past policies and thinking about the future. This report profiles the role of the World Bank’s research department in generating new knowledge on the process of development and policies to enhance it.


Researchers at the Bank

  • Berk Özler is a senior economist in the Development Research Group, Poverty Cluster. His current research focuses on cash transfer programs and HIV risks facing young women in Africa by designing a field experiment in Malawi. He is a co-founder of and a regular contributor to the Development Impact blog.
  • Meet the Management Team
  • The Development Research Group is managed by the Research Director and nine Research Managers.

Last updated: 2015-08-19

New Policy Research Working Papers

7407Gender gap in pay in the Russian Federation : twenty years later, still a concern2015/08
7406Are large firms born or made ? evidence from developing countries2015/08
7405Business practices in small firms in developing countries2015/08
7404The impact of private sector internship and training on urban youth in Kenya2015/08
7403The middle-income trap turns ten2015/08


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