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Expectations and Reality Collide in Active Labor Market Policies

March 2017: The World Bank and its partner countries have invested billions of dollars in active labor market policies over the past decade. New studies reveal what has worked, what hasn’t, and how governments can improve the effectiveness of their labor policies.
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Policy Research Report

May 2016: Transparency and citizen political engagement are on the rise, and together hold the potential to make politics work for rather than against economic development.

Well-Designed Early Childhood Development Programs Can Pay Big Dividends

March 2017: Small investments in nutrition in the first two years of life can help 250 million children under the age of five at risk of not reaching their full development potential due to stunting and poverty.
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Research Highlights on Early Childhood Development

May 2017: Investments in young children to limit exposure to disease, ensure adequate nutrients, and provide stimulation can pay big dividends both for children and society as a whole. These research highlights explain a set of interventions and how they work or could work better.

Winners of the 2017 Research Academy

April 2017: This year the Research Academy competition identified four policy-relevant research papers from across the World Bank Group that contribute to our understanding of human development.

Researchers at the Bank

  • Harris Selod is a Senior Economist with the Development Research Group of the World Bank. His research focuses on urban development, including issues related to transport and land use, as well as land tenure, land markets and the political economy of the land sector in West Africa.

The Management Team

  • The Development Research Group is managed by the Research Director and seven Research Managers

Last updated: 2017-06-21

New Policy Research Working Papers

8109Are caste categories misleading ? the relationship between gender and Jati in three Indian states2017/06
8108Cyclicality of fiscal policy in Sub-Saharan Africa : magnitude and evolution2017/06
8107Fast, easy, and cheap job matching : social networks in Bangladesh2017/06
8106Estimating the welfare costs of reforming the Iraq public distribution system : a mixed demand approach2017/06
8105Employment multipliers over the business cycle2017/06


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