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policy research talk

The Way Forward for SME Growth and Job Creation

November 2016: In this Policy Research Talk, Miriam Bruhn, Senior Economist at the World Bank, compared approaches to promote SMEs in three areas where research is providing new insight: regulatory reform, access to finance, and business practices.


Policy Research Report

May 2016: Transparency and citizen political engagement are on the rise, and together hold the potential to make politics work for rather than against economic development.

Global Financial Development Report 2015|2016: Long-Term Finance

September 2015: A shortage of long-term finance since the 2008 global crisis has been choking the growth of firms in developing countries and hampering the ability of credit-worthy families to borrow.

Research Highlights on SME Growth

SME growth and job creation | SMEs employ around 50 percent of workers in developing countries | Preferential tax regime in Georgia partial success | Firm registration reform in Mexico | Banco Azteca improved access to finance for low-income individuals | Psychometric screening tool can improve loan repayment behavior | Consulting services can improve SME performance | Exploring business literacy program in Bosnia

Researchers at the Bank

  • Florence Kondylis is a Senior Economist in the Development Research Group. She coordinates impact evaluations in Agricultural Adaptations. More recently, she started Development Impact Analytics to help generate and curate more and better data for impact evaluation.

The Management Team

  • The Development Research Group is managed by the Research Director and seven Research Managers

Last updated: 2017-01-18

New Policy Research Working Papers

7948How is the slowdown affecting households in Latin America and the Caribbean ?2017/01
7947Deep integration and UK-EU trade relations2017/01
7944Pedagogy versus school readiness : the impact of a randomized reading instruction intervention and community-based playgroup intervention on early grade reading outcomes in Tonga2017/01
7943Gender-differentiated impacts of tenure insecurity on agricultural performance in Malawi's customary tenure systems2017/01
7942Can media interventions reduce gender gaps in political participation after civil war ? evidence from a field experiment in rural Liberia2017/01


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