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2014 Journal Articles

Journal articles by the staff of the World Bank's Development Research Group. Please note that articles are often available only to journal subscribers.

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2014 Journal Articles

Ali, Daniel Ayalew, and Klaus Deininger. 2014. "Causes and implications of credit rationing in rural Ethiopia: The importance of zonal variation." Journal of African Economies 23(4):493-527.

Ali, Daniel Ayalew, Klaus Deininger, and Markus Goldstein 2014. "Environmental and gender impacts of land tenure regularization in Africa: Pilot evidence from Rwanda."< em>Journal of Development Economics 110: 262-75.

Ali, Daniel Ayalew, Klaus Deininger,and Marguerite Duponchel. 2014. “Credit Constraints and Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from rural Rwanda.” Journal of Development Studies 50(5):649-65.

Allen, Franklin, Elena Carletti, Robert Cull, Jun Qian, Lemma Senbet, and Patricio Valenzuela. 2014. “The African financial development and financial inclusion gaps.” Journal of African Economies 23(5): 614-642.

Anginer, D., and Asli Demirguc-Kunt. 2014.  “Has the global banking system become more fragile over time?” Journal of Financial Stability 13: 202-213. 

Anginer, Deniz, Asli Demirguc-Kunt, and Min Zhu. 2014. “How Does Competition Affect Bank Systemic Risk?” Journal of Financial Intermediation 23 (1):1-26, January.

Anginer, D., Asli Demirguc-Kunt, and M. Zhu.  2014.  “How does deposit insurance affect bank risk? Evidence from the recent crisis.” Journal of Banking and Finance 48: 312-321.  

Anginer, Deniz,  Augusto de la Torre, and Alain Ize. 2014. “Risk-Bearing by the State: When is it Good Public Policy?” Journal of Financial Stability 10: 76-86, February.

Anzoategui, Diego, Asli Demirguec-Kunt, and Maria Soledad Martinez Peria. 2014. “Remittances and Financial Inclusion: Evidence from El Salvador.” World Development 54: 338-49.

Arnold, Jens Matthias, Beata Javorcik, Molly Lipscomb, and Aaditya Mattoo. 2014. "Services Reform and Manufacturing Performance: Evidence from India." The Economic Journal 126 (February), 1–39.

Artuc, Erhan, and P. M. Pourpourides. 2014. “R&D and aggregate fluctuations.” Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 47: 54-71.

Atun, Rifat, Luiz Odorico Monteiro De Andrade, Gisele Almeida, Daniel Cotlear, T Dmytraczenko, Patricia Frenz, Patrícia Garcia, Octavio Gómez-Dantés, Felicia M Knaul, Carles Muntaner, Juliana Braga De Paula, Felix Rígoli, Pastor Castell-Florit Serrate, andAdam Wagstaff. 2014. “Health-system reform and universal health coverage in Latin America.” The Lancet.

Ayyagari, Meghana , Asli Demirguc-Kunt, and Vojislav Maksimovic. 2014. “Who Creates Jobs in Developing Countries?" Small Business Economics 43 (Issue 1):  75-99, June.

Ayyagari, Meghana,  Asli Demirguec-Kunt,  and Vojislav Maksimovic. 2014. “Bribe Payments and Innovation in Developing Countries: Are Innovating Firms Disproportionately Affected?” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 49 (1): 51-75, February. 

Baird, Sarah, Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Berk Ozler, and Michael Woolcock. 2014. “Conditional, unconditional and everything in between: a systematic review of the effects of cash transfer programmes on schooling outcomes.” Journal of Development Effectiveness 6 (1):1-43, January.

Baird, S., E. Gong, C. McIntosh, and Berk Ozler. 2014.  “The heterogeneous effects of HIV testing.” Journal of Health Economics 37 (1):  98-112.

Bastos, Paulo, Natalia P. Monteiro,and Odd Rune Straume. 2014. “The Impact of Private vs. Public Ownership on the Level and Structure of Employment.” Economics of Transition 22 (2): 247-80, April.

Bastos, Paulo, Natalia P. Monteiro and Odd Rune Straume.  2014. “The effect of private versus public ownership on labor earnings.” Oxford Economic Papers 66: 983-1005.

Beck, Thorsten, and Robert Cull. 2014. “Les Systémes Bancaires en Afrique Subsaharienne: un état des lieux.” Revue D’Economique Financiere 116(4): 43-56.

Beck, Thorsten, and Robert Cull. "SME finance in Africa. 2014." Journal of African Economies 23(5): 583-613.

Bertay, A. C., Asli Demirguc-Kunt, and Harry Huizinga. 2014. “Bank ownership and credit over the business cycle: Is lending by state banks less procyclical?” Journal of Banking and Finance  50: 326–339.

Bhargava, Alok, Aravinda M. Guntupalli, Michael Lokshin, and Larry L. Howard. 2014. “Modeling the Effects of Immunizations Timing on Child Health Outcomes in India.” Health Economics 23 (5): 606-20, May. 

Blankespoor, Brian, Susmita Dasgupta, and Benoit Laplante. 2014. "Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Wetlands." Ambio 1(March): 1-10.

Boerma, Ties, Patrick Eozenou, David Evans, Tim Evans, Marie-Paule Kieny, and Adam Wagstaff. 2014. “Monitoring Progress towards Universal Health Coverage at Country and Global Levels.” PLoS Med 11(9): 1-8.

Borchert, Ingo, Batshur Gootiiz, and Aaditya Mattoo. 2014. “Policy Barriers to International Trade in Services: Evidence from a New Database." World Bank Economic Review 28(1): 162-188.

Bown, Chad P. 2014. “Trade Policy Flexibilities and Turkey: Tariffs, Anti-dumping, Safeguards and WTO Dispute Settlement.”  World Economy 37 (2):193-218, February. 

Bown, Chad P., and Mark Wu. 2014. “Safeguards and the Perils of Preferential Trade Agreements: Dominican Republic-Safeguard Measures.” World Trade Review 13 (2): 179-227, April.

Bown, Chad P., and Meredith Crowley. 2014. “Emerging Economies, Trade Policy, and Macroeconomic Shocks.“ Journal of Development Economics 111: 261-73.

Bown, Chad P., and Petros C. Mavroidis. 2014. “Introduction.” World Trade Review 13 (2): 143-47, April.

Bown, Chad P., and Petros C. Mavroidis, eds.. 2014. “Special Issue: WTO Case Law Covering 2012.” World Trade Review 13(2): 143-442.

Brinks, Daniel M., and Varun Gauri. 2014. “The Law's Majestic Equality? The Distributive Impact of Judicializing Social and Economic Rights.” Perspectives on Politics 12 (2): 375-93, June.

Bruhn, Miriam, and Inessa Love. 2014. “The Real Impact of Improved Access to Finance: Evidence from Mexico.” Journal of Finance69 (3): 1347-76, June. 

Bruhn, Miriam, and David McKenzie. 2014. “Entry regulation and formalization of microenterprises in developing countries.” World Bank Research Observer 29(2): 186-201.

Bruhn, Miriam, Gabriel Lara Ibarra and David McKenzie. 2014. “The Minimal Impact of a Large-Scale Financial Education Program in Mexico City.” Journal of Development Economics 108: 184-89.

Cadot, Olivier, Ana Fernandes, Julien Gourdon, Aaditya Mattoo, and Jaime  de Melo 2014. “Evaluating Aid for Trade: A Survey of Recent Studies.” World Economy 37(4): 516-29, April.

Calderon, Cesar A., and Luis Serven. 2014. "The effects of infrastructure development on growth and income distribution." Annals of Economics and Finance 15(2): 521-534.

Campos, Francisco, Aidan Coville, Ana M. Fernandes, Markus Goldstein, and David McKenzie. 2014. “Learning from the experiments that never happened: Lessons from trying to conduct randomized evaluations of matching grant programs in Africa.”Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 33: 4-24, September.

Clemens, Michael A., Çağlar Özden, Hillel Rapoport. 2014. “Migration and Development Research is Moving Far Beyond Remittances.” World Development 64: 121-124, December 2014.

Coarasa, Jorge, Jishnu Das, and Jeffrey Hammer. 2014. “Private Vs. Public.” Finance & Development 51(4): 34-36.

Cole, Shawn, Daniel Stein, and Jeremy  Tobacman. 2014. “Dynamics of Demand for Index Insurance: Evidence from a Long-Run Field Experiment.” American Economic Review 104 (5):284-90, May.

Comin, Diego, Norman Loayza, Farooq Pasha, and Luis Serven. 2014. "Medium Term Business Cycles in Developing Countries."American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 6(4): 209-45.

Constantinescu, Cristina, Aaditya Mattoo, and Michael Ruta. 2014. “Slow Trade.” Finance & Development 51(4): 39-44.

Coville, Aidan, and Victor Orozco. 2014. “Moving from efficacy to effectiveness: using behavioural economics to improve the impact of WASH interventions.” Waterlines 33(1): 26-34.

Cruces, G., Peter F. Lanjouw, L. Lucchetti, E. Perova, R. Vakis, M. Viollaz. 2014. "Estimating poverty transitions using repeated cross-sections: a three-country validation exercise." The Journal of Economic Inequality 13 (2): 161-179.

Cull, RobertAsli Demirgüç-Kunt, and Jonathan Morduch. 2014. “Banks and Microbanks.” Journal of Financial Services Research  46 (1): 1-53.

Dadi, Gabriel B., Paul M. Goodrum, Timothy R. B. Taylor, and William F Maloney. 2014.  “Effectiveness of communication of spatial engineering information through 3D CAD and 3D printed models Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics.” Visualization in Engineering  2:9.

Dadi, Gabriel B., Timothy R. B. Taylor, P.M. Goodrum, Willian F. Maloney. 2014. “Performance of 3D computers and 3d printed models as a fundamental means for spatial engineering information visualization.” Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 41(10): 869-877.

Das, Jishnu, and Jeffrey Hammer. 2014. “Quality of primary care in low-income countries: Facts and economics.” Annual Review of Economics  6(1): 525-553.

Dang, Hai-Anh, Peter Lanjouw, Jill Luoto, and David McKenzie. 2014. “Using repeated cross-sections to explore movements into and out of poverty.” Journal of Development Economics 107 112-28, March.

Dasgupta, Susmita, Dan Hammer, Robin Kraft, and David Wheeler. 2014. “A Resource Allocation Model for Tiger Habitat Protection.” Journal of Management and Sustainability 4(3).

Dasgupta, Susmita, Dan Hammer, Robin Kraft, and David Wheeler. 2014. “Vyaghranomics in Space and Time: Estimating Habitat Threats for Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan and Sumatran Tigers.” Journal of Policy Modeling 36 (3):433-53, May.

Dasgupta, Susmita, Mainul Huq, Zahirul Huq Khan, Manjur Murshed Zahid Ahmed, Nandan Mukherjee, Malik Fida Khan, and Kiran Pandey. 2014. “Cyclones in a Changing Climate: The Case of Bangladesh." Climate and Development 6 (2): 96-110, April.

Deininger, Klaus, Songqing Jin, Songqing, and Fang Xia. 2014. “Moving Off the Farm: Land Institutions to Facilitate Structural Transformation and Agricultural Productivity Growth in China.” World Development 59 (1): 505-20, July.

Deininger, Klaus, Thea Hilhorst and Vera Songwe. 2014. “Identifying and addressing land governance constraints to support intensification and land market operation: Evidence from 10 African countries.” Food Policy 98: 76-87, October.

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Demirguc-Kunt, A., L. Klapper, and D. Randall. 2014. "Islamic Finance and Financial Inclusion: Measuring Use of and Demand for Formal Financial Services among Muslim Adults.” Review of Middle East Economics and Finance 10(2): 177–218.

de Andrade,Gustavo Henrique, Miriam Bruhn, and David McKenzie. 2014. "A Helping Hand or the Long Arm of the Law? Experimental Evidence on What Governments Can Do to Formalize Firms." World Bank Economic Review, published online October. 

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Devarajan, Shantayanan, Stuti Khemani, and Michael Walton. 2014.  "Can Civil Society Overcome Government Failure in Africa?" World Bank Research Observer 29 (1): 20-47.

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