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2012 Journal Articles

Journal articles by the staff of the World Bank's Development Research Group. Please note that articles are often available only to journal subscribers.

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2012 Journal Articles

Adhvaryu, Achyuta, and Kathleen Beegle. 2012. "The Impacts of Adult Deaths on Older Household Members in Tanzania."Economic Development and Cultural Change 60(20): 245-77.

Ahmed, Syud Amer, Noah S. Diffenbaugh, Thomas W. Hertel, and William J. Martin. 2012. "Agriculture and Trade Opportunities for Tanzania: Past Volatility and Future Climate Change."
Review of Development Economics 16(3): 429–47, August 2012.

Akresh, Richard, Emilie Bagby, Damien de Walque, and Harounan Kazianga. 2012.  "Child Ability and Household Human Capital Investment Decisions in Burkina Faso." Economic Development and Cultural Change 61(1): 157-186.

Aksoy, Ataman, and Aylin Isik-Dikmelik. 2012. "The Role of Services in Rural Income: The Case of Vietnam." International Journal of Services Technology and Management 17(2/3/4): 205-31.

Andrabi, Tahir, Jishnu Das, and Ijaz Khwaja. 2012. "What Did You Do All Day? Maternal Education and Child Outcomes."Journal of Human Resources 47(4): 873-912, Fall.

Anzoategui, Diego, María Soledad Martínez Pería, and Martin Melecky. 2012. "Bank Competition in Russia: An Examination at Different Levels of Aggregation." Emerging Markets Review 13(1): 42-57.

Baird, Sarah, and Berk Özler. 2012.  "Examining the reliability of self-reported data on school participation." Journal of Development Economics 98(1): 89-93.

Baird, Sarah J., Richard S. Garfein, Craig T. McIntosh, and Berk Özler. 2012. "Effect of a Cash Transfer Programme for Schooling on Prevalence of HIV and Herpes Simplex Type 2 in Malawi: A Cluster Randomised Trial." The Lancet 379(Issue 9823): 1320-29.

Balan, David J., and Stephen Knack. 2012. "The Correlation between Human Capital and Morality and Its Effect on Economic Performance: Theory and Evidence." Journal of Comparative Economics 40 (3, Aug.): 457-75.

Ban, Radu, Saumitra Jha, and Vijayendra Rao. 2012. "Who has Voice in a Deliberative Democracy? Evidence from Transcripts of Village Parliaments in South India." Journal of Development Economics 99 (2, Nov.): 428-38.

Bastos, Paulo, and Joana Silva. 2012. "Networks, Firms, and Trade." Journal of International Economics 87(2):352-64, July.

Bastos, Paulo, and J. Cristia. 2012."Supply and quality choices in private child care markets: Evidence from São Paulo." Journal of Development Economics 98(2): 149-286.

Bastos, Paulo, and Odd Rune Straume. 2012. "Globalization, Product Differentiation, and Wage Inequality." Canadian Journal of Economics 45 (3):  857-78, August.

Beegle, Kathleen. 2012.  "The Impacts of Adult Deaths on Older Household Members in Tanzania." Economic Development and Cultural Change 60(20): 245-277.

Beegle, Kathleen, Calogero Carletto, and Kristen Himelein. 2012. "Reliability of Recall in Agricultural Data." Journal of Development Economics 98(1): 34-41.

Beegle, Kathleen, Kristen Himelein, and Martin Ravallion. 2012. "Frame-of-Reference Bias in Subjective Welfare Regressions."Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 81(2): 556-70.

Brecht, Henrike, Susmita Dasgupta, Benoit Laplante, Siobhan Murray, David Wheeler. 2012. "Sea-Level Rise and Storm Surges: High Stakes for a Small Number of Developing Countries." Journal of Environment & Development 21(1): 120-38.

Bruhn, Miriam, and Francisco Gallego. 2012. "Good, Bad, and Ugly Colonial Activities: Do They Matter for Economic Development?" The Review of Economics and Statistics 94(2): 433-61.

Calomiris, Charles W., Inessa Love, and María Soledad Martínez Pería. 2012. "Stock Returns' Sensitivities to Crisis Shocks: Evidence from Developed and Emerging Markets." Journal of International Money and Finance 31(4): 743-75.

Chang, Shiyan, Lili Zhao, Govinda R. Timilsina, and Xiliang Zhang. 2012. "Biofuels Development in China: Technology Options and Policies Needed to Meet the 2020 Target." Energy Policy 51(1): 64-79.

Chiburis, Richard C., Jishnu Das, and Michael Lokshin. 2012. "A practical comparison of the bivariate probit and linear IV estimators." Economic Letters 117(3): 762-66, December.

Christiaensen, Luc, and Anthony Shorrocks. 2012. "Measuring Poverty Over Time." Journal of Economic Inequality 10(2): 137-43. 

Christiaensen, Luc, Peter Lanjouw, Jill Luoto,and David Stifel. 2012. "Small Area Estimation-based Prediction Methods to Track Poverty: Validation and Applications." Journal of Economic Inequality 10(2): 267-97.  

Cirmizi, Elena, Leora Klapper, and Mahesh Uttamchandani.  "The Challenges of Bankruptcy Reform." World Bank Research Observer 27(2): 185-203, August.

Clarke, George R. G., Robert Cull, and Gregory Kisunko. 2012. "External Finance and Firm Survival in the Aftermath of the Crisis: Evidence from Eastern Europe and Central Asia."
Journal of Comparative Economics 40 (3, Aug.): 372-92.

Considine, Timothy, and Donald F. Larson. 2012. "Short Term Electric Production Technology Switching Under Carbon Cap and Trade." Energies 5(10):4165-85, October.

Corno, Lucia, and  Damien de Walque. 2012. "Mines, Migration and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa." Journal of African Economies 21(3):465-98.

Das, Jishnu, Jeffrey Hammer, and Carolina Sanchez-Paramo. 2012. "The impact of recall periods on reported morbidity and health seeking behavior. " Journal of Development Economics 98(1): 76-88.

Das, Jishnu, Ranendra Kumar Das, and Veena Das 2012. "The Mental Health Gender-Gap in Urban India: Patterns snd Narratives."Social Science & Medicine 75 (9, Nov.): 1660–72. 

Das, Jishnu, Priyanka Pandey, and Tristan Zajonc. 2012. "Learning Levels and Gaps in Pakistan: A Comparison with Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh." Economic and Political Weekly, XLVII(26/27): 228-40.

Das, Jishnu, Alaka Holla, Veena Das, Manoj Mohanan, Diana Tabak, and Brian Chan. 2012. "In Urban and Rural India, A Standardized Patient Study Showed Low Levels of Provider Training and Huge Quality Gaps." Health Affairs 31(12): 2774-2784.

Dasgupta, Susmita, Asvin Gosain, Sandhya Rao, Subhendu Roy, and Maria Sarraf. 2012.  "A Megacity in a Changing Climate: The Case of Kolkata." Climatic Change: 1-20, June.

Dasgupta, Susmita, Subhendu Roy, and Maria Sarraf. 2012.  "Urban Flooding in a Changing Climate: The Case Study of Kolkata, India. " Asian-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics 12(1): 135-58.

Deichmann, Uwe, and Somik V. Lall. 2012.  "Density and disasters: Economics of urban hazard risk." World Bank Research Observer 27(1): 74-105.

de la Torre Anglada, Jordi, Xavier Gine, and Tara Vishwanath. 2012.  "Assessing the Role of Government-led Microcredit Alternatives." Economic and Political Weekly 47(18): 73-77.

Deininger, Klaus, and Aparajita Goyal. 2012. "Going Digital: Credit Effects of Land Registry Computerization in India." Journal of Development Economics 99 (2, Nov.): 236-43.

Deininger, Klaus, and Derek Byerlee. 2012. "The Rise of Large Farms in Land Abundant Countries: Do They Have A Future?" World Development 40(4) 2012: 701-14.

Deininger, Klaus, Sara Savastano, and Calogero Carletto. 2012. "Land Fragmentation, Cropland Abandonment, and Land Market Operation in Albania." World Development 40 (10, Oct.): 2108-22.

Deininger, Klaus, Sara Savastano, and Calogero Carletto. 2012. "Can Diaries Help in Improving Agricultural Production Statistics? Evidence from Uganda." Journal of Development Economics 98(1) 2012: 42-50.

Demidova, Svetlana, Hiau Looi Kee, and Kala Krishna. 2012. "Do Trade Policy Differences Induce Sorting? Theory and Evidence from Bangladeshi Apparel Exporters." Journal of International Economics 87(2): 247–61, July.

de Mel, Suresh, David McKenzie, and Christopher Woodruff. 2012. "One-Time Transfers of Cash or Capital Have Long-Lasting Effects on Microenterprises in Sri Lanka." Science 335(6071): 962-66.

de Mel, Suresh, David McKenzie, and Christopher Woodruff. 2012.  "Enterprise Recovery following Natural Disasters." Economic Journal 122(559): 64-91.

de Walque, Damien, and Deon Filmer. 2012. "The Socioeconomic Distribution of Adult Mortality during Conflicts in Africa." Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy 18(3): 1-9.

de Walque, Damien, and Rachel Kline. 2012. "The Association Between Remarriage and HIV Infection in 13 Sub-Saharan African Countries." Studies in Family Planning 43(1): 1-10.

de Walque, Damien, Harounan Kazianga, and Mead Over. 2012.  "Antiretroviral Therapy Perceived Efficacy and Risky Sexual Behaviors: Evidence from Mozambique." Economic Development and Cultural Change 61(1): 97-126.

de Walque, Damien, W. H. Dow, Rose Nathan, and others. 2012. "Incentivising safe sex: a randomised trial of conditional cash transfers for HIV and sexually transmitted infection prevention in rural Tanzania." BMJ 2(1): 1-10.

Didier, Tatiana, Constantino Hevia, and Sergio Schmukler. 2012. "Respuestas de Política a la Crisis Financiera Global: ¿Qué Hicieron Diferente las Economías Emergentes?" Revista de Estudios Economicos, Central Bank of Peru 24: 27-43.

Didier, Tatiana, Constantino Hevia, Sergio L. Schmukler. 2012. "How resilient and countercyclical were emerging economies during the global financial crisis?" Journal of International Money and Finance 31(8): 2052-77, December.

Didier, Tatiana, Inessa Love, and Maria Soledad Martinez Peria. 2012.  "What Explains Comovement in Stock Market Returns during the 2007-2008 Crisis?" International Journal of Finance and Economics 17(2): 182-202.

Dinar, Ariel, Donald F. Larson, and J. Aapris Frisbie. 2012.  "Clean Development Mechanism agricultural methodologies could help California to achieve AB 32 goals." California Agriculture 66(4): 137-143.

Emran, M. Shahe, and Forhad F. Shilpi. 2012. "The Extent of the Market and Stages of Agricultural Specialization." Canadian Journal of Economics 45(3): 1125-53.

Fafchamps, Marcel, David McKenzie, Simon Quinn, and Christopher Woodruff. 2012.  "Using PDA Consistency Checks to Increase the Precision of Profits and Sales Measurement in Panels." Journal of Development Economics 98(1): 51-57.

Fernandes, Ana Margarida, and Caroline Paunov. 2012.  "Foreign Direct Investment in Services and Manufacturing Productivity: Evidence for Chile." Journal of Development Economics 97(2): 305-21.

Ferre, Celine, Francisco H. G.  Ferreira, and Peter Lanjouw. 2012. "Is There a Metropolitan Bias? The Relationship between Poverty and City Size in a Selection of Developing Countries." World Bank Economic Review 26 (3): 351-82.

Ferreira, Francisco H. G., C. Ferre, and Peter F. Lanjouw. 2012.  "Is There a Metropolitan Bias? The Relationship between Poverty and City Size in Selected Developing Countries." World Bank Economic Review 26(1): 1-32.

Fiedler, John L., Calogero Carletto, and Olivier Dupriez. 2012. "Still waiting for Godot? Improving Household Consumption and Expenditures Surveys (HCES) to enable more evidence-based nutrition policies." Food and Nutrition Bulletin 33(3):S242-S51, September.

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Exports: Evidence for China
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