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2010 Journal Articles

Journal articles by the staff of the World Bank's Development Research Group. Please note that articles are often available only to journal subscribers.

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2010 Journal Articles

Almeida, Rita, and Emanuela Galasso. 2010. "Jump-starting Self-Employment? Evidence for Welfare Participants in Argentina." World Development 38(5): 742–55.

Anginér, Deniz, and Meir Statman. 2010."Stocks of Admired and Spurned Companies." The Journal of Portfolio Management 36(3): 71–77.

Assaad, Ragui, Deborah Levison, and Hai-Anh H. Dang. 2010.  "How Much Work is too Much? Effects of Child Work Hours on Schooling - The Case of Egypt." Research in Labor Economics 31: 53-97.

Alderman, Harold H. 2010. "Safety Nets Can Help Address the Risks to Nutrition from Increasing Climate Variability."Journal of Nutrition 140(1): 148–52.

Alderman, Harold H. 2010. "The Economic Cost of a Poor Start to Life." Journal of Development Origins of Health and Disease 1(1): 19–25.

Baird, Sarah, Ephraim Chirwa, Craig McIntosh, and Berk Özler. 2010. "The Short-Term Impacts of a Schooling Conditional Cash Transfer Program on the Sexual Behavior of Young Women." Health Economics 19 (S1): 55–68.

Ban, Radu, Monica Das Gupta, and Vijayendra Rao. 2010. "The Political Economy of Village Sanitation in South India: Capture or Poor Information?" Journal of Development Studies 46(4): 685-700.

Banerjee, Abhijit, Rukmini Banerji, Esther Duflo, Rachel Glennerster, and Stuti Khemani. 2010. "Pitfalls of Participatory Programs: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Education in India." American Economic Journal: Economic Policy2(1): 1–30.

Beck, Thorsten, and Maria Soledad Martinez Peria. 2010. "Foreign Bank Participation and Banking Sector Outreach: Evidence from Mexico." Journal of Financial Intermediation 19(1): 52–73.

Beck, Thorsten, Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, and Ross Levine. 2010."Financial Institutions and Markets across Countries and over Time." World Bank Economic Review 24(1): 77–92.

Beck, Thorsten, Leora Klapper, and Juan Carlos Mendoza. 2010. "The Typology of Partial Credit Guarantee Funds around the World." Journal of Financial Stability 6(1): 10–25.

Beegle, Kathleen G. 2010. "Orphanhood and Human Capital Destruction: Is there Persistence into Adulthood?"Demography 47(1): 163–80.

Beegle, Kathleen G., Deon P. Filmer, Lucia Tiererova, and Andrew Stokes. 2010. "Orphanhood and the Living Arrangements of Children in Sub-Saharan Africa." World Development 38 (12): 1727–46.

Bloom, Nick, Aprajit Mahajan, David McKenzie, and John Roberts. 2010. "Why do Firms in Developing Countries have Low Productivity?" American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings 100(2): 619–23.

Borchert, Ingo, and Aaditya Mattoo. 2010. "The Crisis-Resilience of Services Trade." The Service Industries Journal30(14): 1–20.

Bollard, Albert, David McKenzie, and Melanie Morten. 2010. "The Remitting Patterns of African Migrants in the OECD."Journal of African Economics 19(5): 605-34.

Bown, Chad P., and Meredith Crowley. 2010. "China’s Export Growth and the China Safeguard: Threats to the World Trading System?" Canadian Journal of Economics 43(4): 1353–88.

Bown, Chad P., and Rachel Mcculloch. 2010. "Developing Countries, Dispute Settlement, and the Advisory Centre on WTO Law." Journal of International Trade and Economic Development 19(1): 33–63.

Bruhn, Miriam, Dean Karlan, and Antoinette Schoar. 2010."What Capital Is Missing in Developing Countries?" American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings 100(2): 629–33.

Calderón, César, and Luis Servén. 2010. "Infrastructure and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa." Journal of African Economies 19 (suppl.1): 13-87.

Caprio, Gerard, Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, and Edward Kane. 2010."The 2007 Meltdown in Structured Securitization: Searching for Lessons not Scapegoats." World Bank Research Observer 25(1): 125–55.

Carletto, Calogero, Benjamin Davis, Angeli Kirk, and Paul Winters. 2010. "Non-Traditional Crops, Traditional Constraints:  The Adoption and Diffusion of Export Crops Among Guatemalan Smallholders." World Development 38(6).

Carletto, Calogero, Angeli Kirk, Paul Winters, and Benjamin Davis. 2010 "Globalization and Smallholders: The Adoption, Diffusion, and Welfare Impact of Non-Traditional Export Crops in Guatemala." World Development 38(6): 814–27.

Correa, Paulo G., Ana M. Fernandes, and Chris J. Uregian. 2010. "Technology Adoption and the Investment Climate: Firm-Level Evidence for Eastern Europe and Central Asia." World Bank Economic Review 24(1): 121–47.

Cull, Robert J., and Kinnon Scott. 2010."Measuring Household Usage of Financial Services: Does it Matter How or Whom You Ask?" World Bank Economic Review 24(2): 199–233.

Djankov, Simeon, Caroline Freund, C.S. Pham. 2010. "Trading on Time." Review of Economics and Statistics 92(1): 166 –73.

Das, Jishnu. 2010. "Improving Immunisation Coverage in Rural India." British Medical Journal 340(2553): 1.

Das, Jishnu, and Tristan Zajonc. 2010. "India Shining and Bharat Drowning: Comparing Two Indian States to the Worldwide Distribution in Mathematics Achievement." Journal of Development Economics 92(2): 175–87.

Das Gupta, Monica, B.R. Desikachari, Rajendra Shukla, T.V. Somanathan, P. Padmanaban, and K.K. Datta. 2010. "How Might India’s Public Health Systems Be Strengthened? Lessons from Tamil Nadu." Economic and Political Weekly 45(10): 46–60. 

Davis, Benjamin, Calogero Carletto, and Paul Winters. 2010. "Migration, Transfers and Economic Decision Making among Agricultural Households." Journal of Development Studies 46(1): 1–13.

Davis, Benjamin, Paul Winters, Calogero Carletto, and others. 2010. "A Cross-Country Comparison of Rural Income Generating Activities." World Development 38(1).

Davis, Benjamin, Paul Winters, Calogero Carletto, Katia Covarrubias, Esteban J. Quiñones, Alberto Zezza, Kostas Stamoulis, Carlo Azarri, and Stefania DiGiuseppe. 2010. "A Cross Country Comparison of Rural Income Generating Activities." World Development 38 (1): 48–63.

de la Torre, Augusto, Maria Soledad Martinez Peria, and Sergio Schmukler. 2010. "Bank Involvement with SMEs: Beyond Relationship Lending." Journal of Banking and Finance 34: 2280–93.

Delavande, Adeline, Xavier Giné, and David McKenzie. 2010. "Measuring Subjective Expectations in Developing Countries: A Critical Review and New Evidence." Journal of Development Economics 94(2): 151–63.

De Mel, Suresh, David McKenzie, and Christopher Woodruff. 2010. "Wage Subsidies for Microenterprises." American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings 100(2): 614–18.

de Walque, Damien. 2010. "Education, Information and Smoking Decisions. Evidence from Smoking Histories, 1940-2000." Journal of Human Resources 45(3): 682–717.

de Walque, Damien, and Phillip Verwimp. 2010. "The Demographic and Socio-Economic Distribution of Excess Mortality during the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda." Journal of African Economies 19(2): 141–62.

Demirgüç-Kunt, Asli, and Luis Servén. 2010."Are All the Sacred Cows Dead? Implications of the Financial Crisis for Macro- and Financial Policies." World Bank Research Observer 25(1): 91–124.

Do, Quy-Toan, and Lakshmi Iyer. 2010. "Geography, Poverty and Conflict in Nepal." Journal of Peace Research 47(6): 735–48. Abstract 

Do, Quy-Toan, and Tung Duc Phung. 2010. "The Importance of Being Wanted." American Economic Journal Applied Economics 2(4): 236–53.

Duclos, Jean-Yves, Abdelkrim Araar, and John T. Giles. 2010. "Chronic and Transient Poverty: Measurement and Estimation, with Evidence from China." Journal of Development Economics 91(1): 266–77.

Eyawo, Oghenowede, Damien de Walque, Nathan Ford, Gloria Gakii, Richard Lester, and Edward Mills. 2010. "HIV Status in Discordant Couples in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis." Lancet Infectious Diseases 10(11): 770–77.

Ferreira, Francisco H. G., Phillippe George Leite, and Martin Ravallion. 2010. "Poverty Reduction without Economic Growth?: Explaining Brazil’s Poverty Dynamics, 1985-2004." Journal of Development Economics 93(1): 20–36.

Ferreira, Francisco, Phillippe George Leite, and Martin Ravallion,. 2010. "Poverty Reduction without Economic Growth? Explaining Brazil’s Poverty Dynamics, 1985-2004." Journal of Development Economics 93(1): 20–36.

Freund, Caroline. 2010. "Third-Country Effects of Regional Trade Agreements." World Economy 33(11): 1589–1605.

Freund, Caroline. 2010. "Regional Trade Agreements." Annual Review of Economics 2: 139–66.

Gangopadhyay, Shubhashis, Peter Lanjouw, Tara Vishwanath, and Yoshida Nobuo. 2010. "Identifying Pockets of Poverty: Insights from Poverty Mapping Experiments in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal." Indian Journal of Human Development 4(1). Abstract 

Gauri, Varun. 2010. "Customary Law and Economic Outcomes in Indonesia." Hague Journal on the Rule of Law 2(1): 75–94.

Gibson, John, Halahingano Rohorua, David McKenzie, and Steven Stillman. 2010. "Information Flows and Migration: Recent Survey Evidence from the South Pacific." Asian and Pacific Migration Journal 19(3): 401–20.

Giles, John, Dewen Wang, and Changbao Zhao. 2010. "Can China’s Rural Elderly Count on Support from Adult Children? Implications of Rural-to-Urban Migration." Journal of Population Ageing 3(3, December): 183-204.

Giné, Xavier, Dean Karlan, and Jonathan Zinman. 2010."Put Your Money Where Your Butt Is: A Commitment Contract for Smoking Cessation." American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2(4): 213–35.

Giné, Xavier, Dean Karlan, Pamela Jakiela, and Jonathan Morduch. 2010."Microfinance Games." American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2(3): 60–95.

Gozzi, Juan Carlos, Ross Levine, and Sergio Schmukler. 2010. "Patterns of International Capital Raisings." Journal of International Economics 8(1): 45–57.

Goyal, Aparajita. 2010. "Information, Direct Access to Farmers, and Rural Market Performance in Central India."American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2(3): 22–45.

Hertel, Thomas W., Will Martin, and Amanda M. Leister. 2010. "Potential Implications of a Special Safeguard Mechanism in the World Trade Organization: The Case of Wheat." World Bank Economic Review 24(2): 350–59.

Hoekman, Bernard, and Aaditya Mattoo. 2012. "Services Trade and Growth." International Journal of Services Technology and Management 17(2/3/4): 232-50.

Hoff, Karla. 2010. "Dysfunctional Finance: Positive Shocks and Negative Outcomes." Journal of Globalization and Development 1(1) article 4. DOI: 10.2202/1948-1837.1017

Hoff, Karla. 2010. "Fairness in Modern Society." Science 327(5972): 1467–68.

Hoff, Karla, and Joseph E. Stiglitz. 2010. "Equilibrium Fictions: A Cognitive Approach to Societal Rigidity." American Economic Review, Papers & Proceedings 100(May): 141–46.

Hoff, Karla, Shale Horowitz, and Branko Milanovic. 2010. "Turnover in Power as a Restraint on Investing in Influence: Evidence from the Postcommunist Transition." Economics and Politics 22(3): 32961.

Ivanic, Maros, and Will Martin. 2010. Poverty impacts of improved agricultural productivity: opportunities for genetically modified crops. AgBioForum 13(4): 308-13.

Ivanic, Maros, Elena Ianchovichina, and Will J. Martin. 2010. "The Growth of China and India: Implications and Policy Reform Options for Malaysia." Asian-Pacific Economic Literature 24(2): 117–41.

Ivaschenko, Oleksiy, and Peter Lanjouw. 2010. "A New Approach to Producing Geographic Profiles of HIV Prevalence: an Application to Malawi." World Medical and Health Policy 2(1): 235–66.

Jacoby, Hanan G. and Ghazala Mansuri. 2010. "Watta Satta: Bride Exchange and Women’s Welfare in Rural Pakistan."American Economic Review 100 (4): 1–24.

Jenkins, Rachel, Florence Baingana, Jed Friedman, and others. 2010. "Mental Health and the Development Agenda in Sub-Saharan Africa." Psychiatric Services 61(3): 229–34.

Kaufmann, Daniel, Aart C. Kraay, and Massimo Mastruzzi. 2010. "Response to ‘What Do the Worldwide Governance Indicators Measure.’" European Journal of Development Research 22(1): 55–58.

Kee, Hiau Looi, Hong Ma, and Muthukumara S. Mani. 2010. "The Effects of Domestic Climate Change Measures on International competitiveness." World Economy 33(6): 820–29.

Khandker, Shahidur R., and Gayatri B. Koolwal. 2010. "How Infrastructure and Financial Institutions Affect Rural Income and Poverty: Evidence from Bangladesh." Journal of Development Studies 46(6): 1109–37.

Khwaja, Asim, Atif Mian, and Bilal Zia. 2010. "Dollars Dollars Everywhere and Not a Dime to Lend – Credit Limit Constraints on Financial Sector Absorptive Capacity." Review of Financial Studies 23(12): 4281–23.

Kraay, Aart C. 2010.  "Instrumental Variables Regressions with Uncertain Exclusion Restrictions:  A Bayesian Approach."Journal of Applied Econometrics 27(1): 108–28.

Lambert, Sylvie, Martin Ravallion, and Dominique van de Walle. 2010. "A Micro-Decomposition Analysis of Aggregate Human Development Outcomes." Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 72(2): 119–45.

Langbein, Laura, and Stephen Knack. 2010. "The Worldwide Governance Indicators: Six, One, or None?" Journal of Development Studies 46(2): 350–70.

Lanjouw, Peter, and Vijayendra Rao. 2010. "Revisiting Between-Group Inequality Measurement: An Application to the Dynamics of Caste Inequality in Two Indian Villages." World Development 39 (2): 174–87.

Lederman, Daniel. 2010. "An International Multi-Level Analysis of Product Innovation." Journal of International Business Studies 41(4): 1–21.

Lederman, Daniel, Marcelo Olarreaga, and Lucy Payton. 2010. "Export Promotion Agencies: Do They Work?" Journal of Development Economics 91(2): 257–65.

Lin, JustinYufi, and Will Martin. 2010."The Financial Crisis and Its Impacts on Global Agriculture." Agricultural Economics41(S1): 133-44.

Levy-Yeyati, Eduardo, Maria Soledad Martinez Peria, and Sergio Schmukler. 2010."Depositor Behavior under Macroeconomic Risk: Evidence of Bank Runs in Emerging Economies." Journal of Money Credit and Banking 42(4): 585–614.

Love, Inessa, and Rida Zaidi. 2010."Trade Credit, Bank Credit and Financial Crisis." International Review of Finance10(1): 125–47.

Martin, Will, and Aadatya. Mattoo. 2010. "The Doha Development Agenda: What’s on the Table?" The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development 19(1): 81-107.

Mattoo, Aaditya, William J. Martin, and Bernard M. Hoekman. 2010. "Conclude Doha: It Matters!" World Trade Review9(3): 505–30.

McKenzie, David. 2010. "Impact Assessments in Finance and Private Sector Development: What have we learned and what should we learn?" World Bank Research Observer 25(2): 209–33.

McKenzie, David, and Hillel Rapoport. 2010. "Self-Delection Patterns in Mexico-U.S. Migration: The Role of Migrant Networks." Review of Economics and Statistics 92(4): 811–21.

McKenzie, David, and Yaye Seynabou Sakho. 2010."Does It Pay Firms to Register for Taxes? The Impact of Formality on Firm Profitability." Journal of Development Economics 91(1): 15–24.

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Özden, Çağlar, Beata Javorcik, Cristina Ileana Neagu, and Mariana Spatareanu. 2010. "Migrant Networks and Foreign Direct Investment." Journal of Development Economics 94(2): 231–41.

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Ravallion, Martin. 2010. "Do Poorer Countries Have Less Capacity for Redistribution?" Journal of Globalization and Development 1(2): 1–29.

Ravallion, Martin. 2010. "The Developing World’s Bulging (but Vulnerable) Middle Class." World Development 38(4): 445–54.

Ravallion, Martin. 2010. "Understanding PPPs and PPP-Based National Accounts: A Comment." American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 2(4): 46–52.

Ravallion, Martin, and Jose Montalvo. 2010. "The Pattern of Growth and Poverty Reduction in China." Journal of Comparative Economics 38(1): 2–16.

Ravallion, Martin, and Michael M. Lokshin. 2010. "Who Cares About Relative Deprivation?" Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 73(2): 171–85.

Ravallion, Martin, and Shaohua Chen. 2010. "The Developing World is Poorer than We Thought, but No Less Successful in the Fight against Poverty." Quarterly Journal of Economics 125(4): 1577–625.

Rijkers, Bob, Caterina R. Laderchi, and Francis Teal. 2010. "Who Benefits from Promoting Small Enterprises? Some Empirical Evidence from Ethiopia." World Development 38(4): 523–40.

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Woolcock, Michael. 2010. "Global Poverty and Inequality: A Brief Retrospective and Prospective Analysis." Special issue of Political Quarterly (Options for Britain II: Cross-Cutting Policy Issues – Changes and Challenges)79 (Issue Supplement s1): 18396.

Yamauchi, Futoshi. 2014. “An Alternative Estimate of School-based Management Impacts on Students' Achievements: Evidence from the Philippines.” Journal of Development Effectiveness 6: 97-110.

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