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Research Academy 2013

Winners | Call for Papers

In April 2013 the research department launched the Research Academy, an initiative to identify the best research that emerges from across the entire Bank Group. Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, research director for the World Bank, discusses the results of the first round of the Research Academy.


Winning Papers: 2013 Research Academy 

Harnessing Emotional Connections to Improve Financial Decisions: Evaluating the Impact of Financial Education in Mainstream Media
Bilal Zia, Senior Economist (Development Research Group, Finance & Private Sector Development Team) and Gunhild Berg, Financial Sector Specialist, (Africa Region, Financial and Private Sector Development Network)

Can a soap opera be an effective instrument to deliver financial literacy messages and improve financial behavior? Find out what one joint research and operational World Bank team discovered while working with the South African soap opera "Scandal."
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Report Cards: The Impact of Providing School and Child Test Scores on Educational Markets
Jishnu Das, Senior Economist (Development Research Group, Human Development Team), in collaboration with Tahir Andrabi (Pomona College) and Asim Ijaz Khwaja (Harvard University, BREAD, and NBER)

Can a simple, relatively low-cost intervention like a report card on school and child performance boost educational outcomes? A randomized control trial in Pakistani villages provides reasons for optimism.
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Spillovers from Conditional Cash Transfers: Bolsa Familia and Crime in Urban Brazil
Laura Chioda, Lead Economist (Latin America and Caribbean Region Chief Economist's Office), in collaboration with João M. P. De Mello (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro) and Rodrigo R. Soares (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and IZA)

Brazil's Bolsa Familia is the largest conditional cash transfer (CCT) program in the world, covering over 11 million families. Evidence suggests that it has had a positive impact on educational outcomes and extreme poverty, but might it also have a an impact on the incidence of crime?

Demand versus Returns? Pro-Poor Targeting of Business Grants and Vocational Skills Training
Renos Vakis, Lead Economist (Latin America and Caribbean Region, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network) and Patrick Premand, Economist (Africa, Human Development Network), in collaboration with Karen Macours (Paris School of Economics)

What does it take to increase the productive capacities of the poor? A team of World Bank staff examines the results of an unusual experiment in Nicaragua that randomly provided business grants and vocational training to households in rural communities and finds that conventional wisdom on targeting these types of programs may need a rethink.
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