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Trade Flows and Trade Disputes dataset

Authors:Chad P. Bown
Non-Bank Author:Kara M. Reynolds, American University
Web Address:
Report Number:wps6979

Bown, Chad and *** Reynolds, "Trade Flows and Trade Disputes", World Bank Policy Research Working Paper

The database from Bown and Reynolds (2014, "Trade Flows and Trade Disputes") maps information on the policies that triggered WTO dispute settlement actions between 1995 and 2011 to highly disaggregated, product-level trade data so as to potentially learn from more precise measures of market access. This mapping includes three important elements i) information on the timing of the respondent’s policy change which triggered the dispute; ii) information on the different types of WTO-violating policies imposed, particularly whether they are ‘global’ policies (imposed against all trading partners) or ‘partial’ policies (imposed against a subset of trading partners); and iii) the value, volume, and calculated unit values of imports from all trading partners directly impacted by the respondent’s policy change.

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  • Trade Flows and Trade Disputes dataset (compressed MS Excel file, 7kb - uncompressed file size 29.7mb)

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