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Visiting Expert: Julian Messina

Visiting Expert

Visiting Expert

Julian Messina





Senior Economist
Office of the Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean

Julián Messina will be a visiting expert in the Development Research Group from February through April 2014, hosted by the Macroeconomics and Growth Research team. He is senior economist at the Office of the Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean at the World Bank. Prior to joining the World Bank, he worked at the research department of the European Central Bank and was associate professor at the University of Girona. He has taught as a visiting professor at the Barcelona Graduate School, Georgetown University, and the Universities of Frankfurt and Mainz. He is an author of the World Bank Latin American Flagship Reports Economic Mobility and the Rise of the Latin American Middle Class; and Latin American Entrepreneurs: Many Firms but Little Innovation. His work has been published in academic journals such as the American Economic Journal, Macroeconomics, Journal of Economic Perspectives,The Economic Journal, Journal of the European Economic Association, and Labour Economics. Julian obtained his PhD in economics at the European University Institute in 2002.

His top three priorities during his visit are the following:

  • To shed light on the interconnections between highly productive firms coexisting with low productivity firms, even within narrowly defined sectors, and the flow of workers within sectors. What type of firm-level shocks are behind worker flows?

  • Unfold lines of research to better understand the determinants of the reversal in wage inequality in Latin America. What is the relative role of supply, demand, and institutions?

  • Interact with colleagues in the research department on a study being developed on the impact of migration of Latin American workers on entrepreneurship, employment and wages, both at home and abroad.

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