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About the Visiting Experts Program

The Visiting Experts Program brings operational staff to the research department in the Development Economics Vice Presidency for up to six months (and, in some cases, longer) to foster stronger links between operations and research.


Mario Guadamillas 
May 20 - 24, 2013
Manager, Financial Architecture and Banking Systems, Financial and Private Sector Development
Host Unit: Finance and Private Sector Development
Interview >>
Shantayanan Devarajan 
July 8 - 19, 2013
Chief Economist, Middle East and North Africa Region
Host Unit: Research Director's Office
Interview >>
Joana Silva 
Aug. 6 - Sep. 6, 2013 and June 2014
Senior Economist, Latin America and Caribbean Region
Host Unit: Human Development and Public Services and Poverty and Inequality

William Magrath 
Aug. 21 - Oct. 2, 2013
Lead Natural Resource Economist, Agriculture, South Asia Region
Host Unit: Environment and Energy Team
Interview >>

Mahmoud Mohieldin 
Aug. 26 - 30, 2013
President's Special Envoy
Host Unit: Research Director's Office

Goran Sumkoski 
Oct. 28 - Dec. 28, 2013
Program Manager, Business Regulations Regional Lead for South Asia, IFC Advisory Services, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Host Unit: Finance and Private Sector Development
Interview >>

Pierella Paci
Nov. 1–Mar. 18, 2014
Lead Economist, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network
Host Unit: Finance and Private Sector Development
Interview >>

Futoshi Yamauchi
Jan. 6–Apr. 6, 2014
Senior Economist, East Asia and Pacific Region
Host Unit: Agriculture & Rural Development
Interview >>

Julián Messina 
Feb.- Apr. 2014
Senior Economist, Office of the Regional Chief Economist, Latin America Region
Host Unit: Macroeconomics and Growth

Tijen Arin
Mar.- Apr. 2014
Senior Environmental Economist
Social, Environment & Rural Sustainable Development, East Asia and Pacific
Host Unit: Environment and Energy Team

April 24, 2013 - As part of a program to foster knowledge sharing between researchers and operational staff, the Development Economics Vice Presidency (DEC) announced today that a dozen experts with on-the-ground experience have been chosen to become short-term visiting experts at DEC.

The experts under the Visiting Experts Program include staff and consultants representing nearly all regions of the Bank. They are expected to be located in DEC for varying durations, typically no more than six months.

Based on the current round of submissions, the experts will be hosted by nine teams in DEC’s research department. The experts will use that time to reflect on lessons learned from their operational experience, share their knowledge with staff, identify areas needing further research, and collaborate with researchers on how to fill those gaps. They are also expected to write up some of their experiential knowledge as a paper or research note and help develop channels to put research findings into good use, especially in Bank operations.

The first round of visiting experts were chosen from a long list of candidates through a competitive process by a DEC management committee chaired by the research director, based on their field experience, research proposal and their mix of regional and sector experience. For more information, please contact

KIOSK ANNOUNCEMENT: February 26, 2013

The Development Economics Vice Presidency is launching a Visiting Experts Program and is inviting operational staff with “on the ground” knowledge to spend some time in DEC. The idea is to create space and time for those with experiential knowledge to take some months off to write a book draft or collaborate on papers to share their field experience with research economists. The objective of the program is to enhance two-way learning, knowledge exchange, and communication between DEC researchers and operational staff. The program will support DEC in its mandate to provide timely, high-quality research relevant to the operational needs and priorities of the World Bank. It will also support the broader mandate of the "Knowledge Bank" to synthesize, share, learn, and disseminate lessons from the Bank's operational experience.

The Visiting Experts Program will provide opportunities for operational staff to spend up to six months (and, in special cases, more) visiting DEC. Visiting Experts will use their time in DEC to reflect on and synthesize lessons learned in their particular area of operational expertise; to share “on the ground” knowledge and lessons with DEC staff; to jointly identify knowledge gaps requiring further research in order to inform priority areas in the World Bank's operational activities; to collaborate with DEC researchers and others towards filling these gaps; and to foster stronger links between operations and DEC staff. Visiting Experts' staff costs during their visit will be paid by DEC, but in those cases where staff comes from country offices, some cost sharing by releasing units to help finance travel and resettlement costs will be encouraged.

Applicants will be selected on a competitive basis by a committee to be chaired by the Director of the Development Research Group, and including DEC directors and research managers.

Applicants should submit a brief proposal outlining areas of operational experience and potential research topics keeping in mind the Bank’s strategic priorities, together with their resume, to, by April 1, 2013.

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