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Gross Capital Flows data files

Authors:Sergio L. Schmukler  and Tatiana Didier Brandao
Non-Bank Author:AItor Erce, Fernando Broner
Web Address:Macroeconomic and Growth Research
Topics:Economic Policy and Financial Sector
Report Number:WPS5768

Broner, Fernando, Didier, Tatiana, Erce, Aitor, and Schmukler, Sergio, 2013. “Gross Capital Flows: Dynamics and Crises,” Journal of Monetary Economics 60(1), 113–133.

This paper analyzes the behavior of international capital flows by foreign and domestic agents, dubbed gross capital flows, over the business cycle and during financial crises. We show that gross capital flows are very large and volatile, especially relative to net capital flows. When foreigners invest in a country, domestic agents invest abroad, and vice versa. Gross capital flows are also pro-cyclical. During expansions, foreigners invest more domestically and domestic agents invest more abroad. During crises, total gross flows collapse and there is a retrenchment in both inflows by foreigners and outflows by domestic agents. These patterns hold for different types of capital flows and crises. This evidence sheds light on the sources of fluctuations driving capital flows and helps discriminate among existing theories. Our findings seem consistent with crises affecting domestic and foreign agents asymmetrically, as would be the case under the presence of sovereign risk or asymmetric information.

Access to Dataset
  • Stata DO file used to generate the results presented in the paper (24kb)

  • Data file (Stata dta format, 1mb)

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