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Chinese Food Standards database

Authors:John S. Wilson  and Luis Alberto Portugal Perez
Non-Bank Author:Axel Mangelsdorf
Report Number:wps5976

This unique and new database contains data for seven groups of Chinese food products: meat, fish, vegetables, cereals, milk, tea, and sugar over the period 1992-2008, and maps them to the Harmonized System.). 

The database allows differentiation between Chinese standards harmonized to international norms including Codex Alimentarius and standards unique to China.  Each standard is classified according to the International Classification of Standards (ICS) nomenclature with a concordance table between the seven-digit ICS classes and the trade data in HS codes.

The database allows construction of four different standards variables according to two criteria: (i) voluntary standards vs. mandatory standards or technical regulations, and (ii) domestic vs. international harmonized standards.

Access to Dataset
  • Chinese food standards database (XLS, 4.5mb)

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