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Research Roundup - June 2011

Focus on biofuels  

Global biofuel expansion

How global biofuel expansion could affect the economy, environment, and food supply 
National targets would contribute to rapid biofuel expansion in the next 10 years | Reaching those goals would have a limited impact on the global economy | Some countries would be affected significantly, with higher cost of food imports
Featured research article
, June 2011


Carbon tax

Under what conditions does a carbon tax on fossil fuels stimulate biofuels?
A small biofuel subsidy financed with carbon tax revenue would cost little and do much more to stimulate biofuels use than a fuel tax alone. 
Working Paper 5678, June 2011


World oil prices and biofuels

World oil price and biofuels: a general equilibrium analysis
The penetration of biofuels is highly sensitive to possibilities for fossil fuel substitution | A doubling of oil prices between 2009 and 2020 would increase biofuel use fourfold |  Increased oil prices reduce global food supply by raising production costs and by diverting land and crops to biofuels.
Working Paper 5673, June. 2011


Climate change mitigation

Biofuels and climate change mitigation: a CGE analysis incorporating land-use change
Converting forest lands to increase biofuel production would initially increase greenhouse gas as carbon is released by removing existing tree cover. 

Working paper 5672, June 2011


Biofuel targets and land-use change

The impacts of biofuel targets on land-use change and food supply: a global CGE assessment
Increases in biofuels to meet modest current goals would have limited adverse impact on food supply and land use, except in a few countries.
Working Paper 5513, December 2010 


Andvanced biofuel technologies

Advanced biofuel technologies: status and barriers
A number of technological barriers must be overcome before advanced biofuel technology could become commercially viable.
Working Paper 5411, September 2010


Second-generation biofuels

Second-generation biofuels: economics and policies 
The costs of advanced biofuel technologies are currently several multiples higher than their fossil fuel counterparts, making large-scale expansion dependent on reducing significant technical and economic barriers.

Working Paper 5406, August 2010


Biofuel markets

Biofuels: markets, targets and impacts
Provides an overview of technological, economic, food-supply, and environmental issues that arise with expanded biofuels production.
Working Paper 5364, July 2010


Policy instruments for reducing congestion

Fiscal policy instruments for reducing congestion and atmospheric emissions in the transport sector: a review 
Transport sector emissions would be higher in the absence of public transportation subsidies and fuel taxation. The literature is generally supportive of clean vehicle subsidies, but some studies are critical of biofuel subsidies.

Working Paper 4652, June 2008

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