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Is protectionism on the rise? Assessing national trade policies during the crisis of 2008 - dataset

Authors:Hiau Looi Kee  and Ileana Cristina Constantinescu
Non-Bank Author:Alessandro Nicita
Web Address:Trade and International Integration Research
Report Number:wps5274

"Is protectionism on the rise?  Assessing national trade policies during the crisis of 2008", H.L. Kee, C. Neagu and A. Nicita, The Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming.

To understand the role of trade policies in the crisis of 2008, the authors construct the overall trade restrictiveness indices for a wide range of countries using their tariff schedules in 2008 and 2009. The index summarizes the trade policy stance of a country, taking into account the share of each good in trade as well as its corresponding import demand elasticity.

Access to Dataset
  • OTRI data, based on tariff schedules 2008/09 (xlsx file, 108kb)

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