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Trends and Socioeconomic Gradients in Adult Mortality - dataset

Authors:Damien B. C. M. de Walque  and Deon P. Filmer
Report Number:wps5716

"Trends and Socioeconomic Gradients in Adult Mortality Around the Developing World", Damien de Walque and Deon Filmer, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 5716, June 2011.

In the course of carrying out this study, we created two databases of adult mortality estimates based on the original DHS datasets, both of which are publicly available for analysts who wish to carry out their own analysis of the data.  These are presented in compressed STATA format.

  • The first database (survey_mortality.dta) reports adult mortality estimates derived from each survey that was carried out.   
  • The second database (country_mortality.dta) reports the same adult mortality estimates but averages the estimates for the same country and period from different rounds of the DHS.  The weights used to average across survey rounds are the inverse of the variance of each estimate, so that more precise estimates are given more weight.  This second database only includes the “adjusted” mortality estimates (the ones we use in our analysis) but also includes the national level social and economic indicators that we use in the analysis.  Note that this database includes countries for which we do not have adult mortality estimates, but for which we have under-5 mortality.

Note that detailed descriptions of the methods used are in the working paper.

Access to Dataset
  • Survey mortality (zipped file, 1.3mb)

  • Country level mortality trends (PDF, 210kb)

  • Country mortality (zipped file, 181kb)

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