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SME Contribution to Employment (data for WPS 5631)

Authors:Asli Demirguc-Kunt , Meghana Ayyagari  and Vojislav Maksimovic
Web Address:Finance and Private Sector Development Research
Report Number:WPS5631

The workbook file containing the data has five pages:

  • Contribution of small and medium enterprises to employment shares
  • Contribution to employment shares by size class
  • Contribution to employment shares by age
  • Job creation as a share of total job creation by size class
  • Job creation as a share of total job creation by age

In the dataset, the authors have constructed 6 definitions of SMEs to correspond to varying upper limits in the official country definitions of SMEs adopted around the world – SME100, SME150, SME200, SME250, SME300, and SME500. The numeric component refers to the number of permanent full-time employees in a year for the establishments included in the dataset.

In the first page of the worksheet, an additional reporting category is included: SME250_Manufacturing. This column reports the share of manufacturing SMEs with 250 employees or less as a share of total manufacturing employment.

Access to Dataset
  • Small and Medium Enterprises Contributions to Employment (xlsx format, 58kb)

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