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Viet Nam: Provincial Land Use Certificate Issuance data, 1994-2000

Authors:Quy-Toan Do
Non-Bank Author:Lakshmi Iyer
Web Address:Development Economics: Poverty Research Team
Topics:Agriculture & Rural Development, Labor & Social Protections, Poverty and Rural Development
Report Number:wps3120

"Land rights and economic development - evidence from Viet Nam", Q. Do and L. Iyer, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 3120, September 2003

Please also refer to Quy-Toan Do and Lakshmi Iyer (2008), "Land Titling and Rural Transition in Vietnam", Economic Development and Cultural Change, 56: 531-579

The dataset contains information on Viet Nam land use rights certification at the province-level used in the analysis.

Variables pcode93 and pcode98 are VLSS provincial codes and should be used when merging with VLSS1992-1993 and VLSS 1997-1998 respectively.

Access to Dataset
  • Viet Nam Provincial Land Use Certificate Issuance Dates (STATA file, 10kb)

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